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So I'm finishing up my morning tea and scanning the AEG forums when I notice that the semi-annual dust-up over BoJ is still going on in the Setting subforum. I've been trying to ignore it this time, but (as usual) I can't resist a good train-wreck.

But even knowing what I know, I was kind of taken aback by the post that claimed that the current story team had no respect for the book. I mean, really? Misquoting the Story Team is the L5R community's second favorite pastime, but it's not often that the result is so funny.

(Also, it's not often your default icon is the exact perfect match to a post. More funny.)
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My attempts to get some L5R writing done tonight have been undone by a case of writer's block. Grr! But I was reading Jane Yolan's Take Joy this weekend, and at one point she suggests writing, writing anything at all to 'prime the pump'. So here I am. [livejournal.com profile] writers_five is a group that offers five questions every week for writers to answer about their characters. Answering them for canon characters might give away Important Stuff, so I'm dipping into my fanfic for this. Read more... )
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My, but this week is busy.

I have had to do far too much safety officering at work this week. Monday we had a cooler in the store make a crackling noise and emit a gasp of acrid smoke, which left me hovering around it fretting over the possibility of loose electricity, fire, or wildebeest stampedes. (OK, so the wildebeests weren't really a factor, but...) Anyway, the repairman showed up quickly and it proved to be remarkably minor (hooray). Then on Tuesday in the morning one of the deli people sliced himself while chopping green onions. I helped in first aid, got him convinced to go see medical help, scrubbed anything remotely connected with the incident with a stiff chlorine solution and pretty much lost a morning of production work.

I have lots of writing to do, as well. I had gotten a little way into ACH 13 last weekend, so that's still on my list, but I also got a reason to write something that doesn't involve two people who insist on acting like good samurai when what I really need is for them to do something emotional and semi-stupid. This is the time I'm glad I started taking the bus, because it gives me more time to think and scribble each day.

Last night I showed up at Gauntlet and found actual L5R playing going on! I played a couple of games with my Crane Learn-to-Play deck and had fun. I think that PPC is the perfect Crane stronghold for a learner deck since its ability is basically "Bow to make 4 gold." Yeah. On a sad note I found out the Jeremy, one of the pillars of our local L5R community, is gonna be moving to Indianapolis this fall. It's because of a job promotion so I'm happy for him, but I'm sad to see him go. When I was first learning L5R I learned a LOT from playing him. Tonight I am going to play in my rpg, since I'm not suffering from weather-induced headaches.
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Sunday did not go well. Not that anything bad happened, but it was hot and I was slow and very little got done. The very thought of turning the oven on made me want to cry, so no cooking got done. This also made me want to cry, because raw hamburger doesn't live forever and I need to get that package cooked before it goes toxic on me. Worse still, I have two bunches of dandelion greens that need to be cooked before they go bad. I've never had dandelion greens before, and I have no way of predicting when I'll have the chance again, so I really don't want them to go to slime while sitting in my fridge.

I did call my mom Sunday night, though this left me feeling more put-upon than accomplished. Last week she had asked if I could come down to Omaha on Wednesday; she has her yearly check-up with her oncologist that morning and she wanted me to come along. This is, I admit, a perfectly reasonable request. But it's going to be a hundred degrees on Wednesday and my car has no air conditioning, so I'll have to rent a car, and I'll have to bother a friend to go help me pick it up and take it back and I'll have to burn a day of sick time to cover the hours. Last year I used up all of my sick time and all of my vacation time and then when into negative numbers in both taking her to various appointments and caring for her after her surgery and now I'm still using up my resources on her. My sister the sewer rat didn't so much as send her a get well card. I think that's what really annoys me. But I could rant for pages and pages about my sister (and eventually I probably will) so maybe I'd better move on now.

On the positive side, having reread ACH I've decided that I don't suck at writing. I can already sense the eye-rolling this will cause among some of my readers, but I really am my worst critic and finding that I can read my old stuff without pain was nice. I also had an aha! moment when I realized why Bleach has eaten my brain so badly--it has certain things in common with ACH, and I write the kind of stories that I like to read.
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I have a lot of things that I wanted to get done yesterday, and accomplished almost none of them. There were reasons for this, some good and some less good. One of them was that it was about 100 degrees here, and I don't have air conditioning--this kinda saps my will to be energetic. Also, I got my computer back Thursday night and now have been able to email and write at home again.

A lot of Saturday was thus spent reading online things that I'd sadly lost touch with. Brent had posted the last Third Station story at Kyuden Ryu, and I hadn't even known about it until Friday. (KR is my homepage on my home computer, which meant that I never remember to check it at work. Don't ask me why.) It was a very good story--I was on the edge of tears at the end of it, and I pride myself on my ability not to cry. If you are into L5R and like to read fanfic I really suggest that you go and check out Brent's stories--he's quite amazing. (If only he'd let me proofread....) He's also prolific, so if you need pointers on where to start drop me a line here and I'll be happy to advise.

I also spent some time getting my brain back into ACH. I'm rereading all of the stuff previous to 13 (still need title!) and thinking about what needs to happen now. I also uploaded and emailed the current partial draft of 13 to myself, so that if something new goes wrong I have something to fall back on. Once burned, twice shy they say.

I'd like to get some writing done today, but there's so much to do. I have two pounds of hamburger and three pounds of chicken parts that need to be cooked today (100 degrees! no air conditioning!), two weeks worth of laundry, and a pile of mail/rough drafts/crochet patterns/etc that needs to be sorted through. Oh, and since it is Sunday I have my yarn club meeting this afternoon. And church--mustn't forget that. And a story-draft on Ricepaper to comment on. [livejournal.com profile] helen_keeble just announced that she was looking for commenters on a story she had just finished, and though I'd love to read it I don't think I'd get around to offering feedback in geological time, so I' going to have to skip that.

I don't know how my friends with kids cope. I can barely look after myself some weeks.
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I was recently reminded that ACH has fans (I tend to downgrade my own works, so I forget these things--I think sometimes I must really irritate my friends), and as it's been awhile since I posted the last installment I thought maybe I should explain what's been happening with it.

The first two pages of ACH 13 (which needs a title) are currently trapped on the hardrive of my home computer, which suffered what is apparently a power-supply failure in mid-February. This week I finally made arrangements to get it fixed, but I'm not sure how long this will take--but baring any new life-problems, I should be able to get 13 finished soon after that.

Meanwhile, I've decided to start work on ACH 14 (which also needs a title). I'd been thinking of dropping 14 out of the sequence in the interest of speed, because I really didn't think that it added anything to the overall story, but last weekend I watched several hours of random Bleach clips and had a revelation that 14 actually made direct comments on the events of ACH 12. (No, I can't explain the connection but it's there, I can feel it.)

ACH 15 has a title, I think, but I can't remember what it is. It should be fairly easy to write, as I've been carrying it around in my head for several years now. Just to wind Helen up, I'll give a small spoiler: Read more... )

ACH 16 has a title: Always Coming Home. It will be very hard to write, I think.

13 and 14 are pretty firm; 15 and 16 are projections. I say this because it's possible that midway through writing 14 I might suddenly realize that there is some vitally important information I forgot to share with the reader, and need to slot another story into the sequence. But these are all the ones I know about, and tonight after I finish doing my taxes I'm going to find a notebook and start 14. Promise.


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