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Mar. 6th, 2014 05:23 pm
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Today someone posted a really nice message on my FB wall, thanking me for raising their interest in fountain pens. Due to work requirements they had ended up trying a Jinhao x750 and have been delighted with the writing quality. I was touched by the note! Now I'm wondering if I should try the Jinhao myself. I've shied away because it's metal-bodied and I like light pens, but according to Goulet it is only slightly heavier than the Pilot Metropolitan and I have no problems with that.

Speaking of Goulet, I got my first Ink Drop today. Such fun! The theme is "Lasting Impressions"--permanent inks--and none of them were orange, so I was happy. (Seriously, I can't deal with orange and I had a minor fear that Orange would be this month's theme.) Two of them are inks I already have, but I like them, so that's ok. I'm looking forward to trying the other three, after I figure out what pens to put them in. Seriously, how did I end up with most of my collection inked up?

Last Saturday I had D, a friend who I haven't seen in a few years (despite living in the same town) over for a small tea party. It was a really great afternoon; we talked for about three hours and time just flew by. If I were the kind of person who tried to justify dumb things I had said by saying, "I can't be anti-[X], I have a friend who is [X]!" then D would be my lesbian, African-American, radical-feminist, anarchist friend. I am sometimes confused as to how we could be friends, but I guess that it proves that people are more important than labels. So we drank tea and nibbled on the food I'd made and it was like we hadn't been separated at all.

The weather forecast for this weekend is sunny and (relatively) warmer; I think I'll be able to get out and start prepping my garden for spring.


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