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A few years back my workplace was targeted for protests by the local IWW chapter because I had fired someone who was a member of said chapter. (This astonished me, because I hadn't even realized that the IWW still existed.) The weeks that followed were full of stress, but looking back (and yes, I realize how memories distort things) the times I am going through now at work are even more stressful. It's ridiculous; I don't even want to come to work most days. Yesterday on FB some people on my feed were sharing around a meme that had the phrase "Complaining about a situation without offering solutions is called WHINING", and my reaction to this was "F YOU". If I knew a solution for my problem I wouldn't be sitting here hoping to come down with food poisoning Monday night; I'd be doing something to make my situation better.

In other news, my garden is in desperate need of weeding. I managed to catch up on laundry big-time last week, so I have some hopes of progress here. Also, I got an email from Robinette Farms this week and my CSA pickup starts at the end of the month. Veggies!

I've been trying to write every night and not getting a lot done. I feel so strung out and tired it's hard to rally my brain into the challenge of getting words lined up in sentences. Also, I lack conviction that it matters. I'm trying to seduce my brain by pointing out that if I use up ink faster I'll have an excuse to buy more colors, but so far that idea lacks traction.

I'm not sure if I'll get to play L5R Monday night. I still haven't found time to sort my cards, and it seems pointless to show up without a new deck. I'm also now wavering about going to KC for the Kotei. It seems like a waste to spend the money to rent a car if I don't have anything decent to play at the tournament. Granted it is an excuse to take two days off of work, but still.
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