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Still feeling down.

It's raining now, which I have mixed feelings over. Still, it was sunny when I walked home and the clouds didn't start rolling in until close to sundown so there is that. After dinner I hung out with my friend V. Neither of us had any pressing errands, so I suggested going down to Trader Joes for a scouting expedition. TJ really isn't my kind of a store--it's the kind of place where all the frozen food directions assume you have a microwave--but I'm planning to give some food gifts this Christmas and I decided now was a good time to explore my options.

I ended up buying a few food things to try out. More importantly, I bought myself a miniature rose in bloom in hopes that flowers would help cheer me up. They haven't done anything yet, but I've only had them a few hours. It's a bicolored rose, red with white splashes. I would have preferred a pure red but none was available. In the symbolism of roses red is for knowledge or passion, and white is for innocence, making this a somewhat confused plant. Maybe that is why I am starting to warm to it.

Date: 2014-10-23 02:42 am (UTC)
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I hope you will share photos of the rose--I used to have a miniature rose when I was in middle school and I still miss it.


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