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It's a change of topic, at least?

I've gotten an email from Robinette Farms informing me that enrollment for this summer's CSA subscription is open for past customers. I have about a week to make up my mind whether to enroll again or not. On the one hand, I was satisfied with the amount and quality of vegetables I recieved last year. On the other hand, part of me knows that I could grow just as many vegetables myself for less money. But that takes time, and part of me wants to use time somewhere else. But if I did it myself there would be more of the vegetables I liked, and a complete absence of beets. I keep going in circles.

To make it all more complicated, there's the possibility of doing both. Then I could grow more of my favorites, and use the CSA share to fill in the rest. It would also give me space to experiment with long-season crops like dried beans or winter squash or even melons. Having a third option is not making my life simpler!

Date: 2015-01-05 12:45 pm (UTC)
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Is there any way to let CSA know that you don't like beets and would prefer they not be in your box? We have something sort of similar over here, Abel & Cole, and one of the things they allow you to do is request certain things not be in your boxes.


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