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The problem with being sick--aside from the obvious that I am sick--is that I live alone, and when I'm home being sick I lack even the minimal social contact that work provides. I came home early on Thursday, and missed work Friday and Satuday. Sunday and Monday are days off, which is good for sleeping more and getting better and bad for my loneliness. I have friends, but I seem to lack friends in town who consider me part of their lives. Or maybe I'm just too demanding. Or maybe, probably, this is all somehow my fault.

Someday I will die, and no one will notice until I fail to show up for my work shift.

Date: 2015-03-22 02:56 am (UTC)
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I don't know your friends, but some people are just better at scheduling stuff than others, and some people are better on some media than others. When I was in college, if I wanted to see my friends anytime other than events like extracurriculars (we're talking games club and anime night weekly, so nothing profound), I had to organize it myself. I organized a picnic once during finals week. People really liked it. But it would never have occurred to most people in that circle to do the organizing--that wasn't their particular strength. I liked getting people together, so that was one of my roles. (I wasn't the only one who did this, and I am also not super-great at it, but if no one else is doing it I can be doing it.)

Likewise, when I lived in Boston, some people were very gregarious about inviting others out/over, others not so much but happy to be the invitees, etc. And of course people have interlocking/overlapping/different things that they want to be doing, or can be doing--working around a weird work schedule, or small children, or whatever.

1. What kind of social contact are you looking for?

2. Have you tried actively inviting people for coffee or whatever they can fit into their schedules?

3. Would you like a phone call this weekend? Here's another example: I'm much better at organizing in-person meetups than I am with phones. I don't even regularly call my sister; she's the one who sets up times, because it usually doesn't occur to me that picking up the phone and calling her is an option. (We mostly communicate over email.) I don't mind phone calls with friends, it's just that I usually forget that I can initiate them (I usually feel like I'm probably going to be bothering people).


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