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I did go in to work this morning. I will not claim that I was happy about this, but now my Monday will go easier. Tara was healthy again, so I was able to leave the rice bread production in her capable hands. I therefor made chocolate fudge rice brownies, Mexican chocolate cake, and cranberry walnut scones; after which I called it a day. Tara was impressed by my making the brownies, as we currently lack a hand-mixer and the recipe calls for beating the eggs and sugar together until light--and I did it by hand. I didn't want to tell her that I'd been doing it that way even when we had the hand-mixer, since by my reckoning it takes less effort to beat the sugar into the eggs than it does to hunt down all the the mixer parts. (I am unsure if this says something about my arm muscles, our kitchen organization, or both.)

I had lunch at the co-op and then took the bus home. I have a few dozen things that need to be done around the apartment, but I was feeling tired and lazy and so spent the afternoon mainlining Bleach chapters on the One Manga site. I was quite delighted by [spoiler]'s power-up transformation and as a Capricorn am now claiming her as a spiritual sister. GOAT POWA!

I did get my garden watered, and cooked a fabulous steak for dinner. Mmm. Steak and baked potatoes with sour cream and fresh tomatoes picked out of my garden. Is there a better dinner?

I think I'm am going to sink back into Bleach, as we've gotten to the Battle of the Mad Scientists. Perhaps I should make popcorn first?

ETA: Arrogant, decisive, impeccable fashion sense, cool under fire....I <3 Byakyua... even if he is a cold-hearted SOB.

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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] yhlee.

Nancy's Zanpakutō:

Nancy carries Ecstatic Tide sealed into the form of a fountain pen. At the command "Soar, Ecstatic Tide!" it transforms into a jagged throwing axe. It produces a mist that obscures the wielder.

What's Your Zanpakutō?

Not inappropriate, I think.

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I treated myself to the most recent volume of Bleach on Saturday. It hadn't really been in my budget for the month, but I'd had a hard week and I wanted a treat. And when I saw the cover--Kira, looking pretty much the way I felt--I had to have it. I don't have the time or energy for a real review, but I do have a few comments. Minor spoilers )

On a side note, yesterday I had a conversation that reminded me how wonderful it is to have friends who understand you very well and are ok with that.

"Deslie, I didn't want to bother you before because I know what a trauma moving is, but the quality of my life this week would be vastly improved if I could reread the fight where Kenpachi tries to beat the hell out of Ichigo."
"I'll look for it tonight."
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Sunday did not go well. Not that anything bad happened, but it was hot and I was slow and very little got done. The very thought of turning the oven on made me want to cry, so no cooking got done. This also made me want to cry, because raw hamburger doesn't live forever and I need to get that package cooked before it goes toxic on me. Worse still, I have two bunches of dandelion greens that need to be cooked before they go bad. I've never had dandelion greens before, and I have no way of predicting when I'll have the chance again, so I really don't want them to go to slime while sitting in my fridge.

I did call my mom Sunday night, though this left me feeling more put-upon than accomplished. Last week she had asked if I could come down to Omaha on Wednesday; she has her yearly check-up with her oncologist that morning and she wanted me to come along. This is, I admit, a perfectly reasonable request. But it's going to be a hundred degrees on Wednesday and my car has no air conditioning, so I'll have to rent a car, and I'll have to bother a friend to go help me pick it up and take it back and I'll have to burn a day of sick time to cover the hours. Last year I used up all of my sick time and all of my vacation time and then when into negative numbers in both taking her to various appointments and caring for her after her surgery and now I'm still using up my resources on her. My sister the sewer rat didn't so much as send her a get well card. I think that's what really annoys me. But I could rant for pages and pages about my sister (and eventually I probably will) so maybe I'd better move on now.

On the positive side, having reread ACH I've decided that I don't suck at writing. I can already sense the eye-rolling this will cause among some of my readers, but I really am my worst critic and finding that I can read my old stuff without pain was nice. I also had an aha! moment when I realized why Bleach has eaten my brain so badly--it has certain things in common with ACH, and I write the kind of stories that I like to read.
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I meant to write something worthwhile this morning, but became frustrated and side-tracked by the fact something is wonky with yahoo!mail. Started wandering around looking for icon love and came across this, which gave several cool results. I'm really looking for some nice Kenshin icons, but just haven't found any that have clicked. *sigh*

Your Bleach Icons by CranberrySauce
What's your first name/nickname?
How old are you?
Your Ichigo Icon
Your Ishida Icon
Your Orihime Icon
Your Rukia Icon
Your Urahara Icon
Your Random Captain Icon
Your Random Vice Captain Icon
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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This will not make any sense to you unless you are a Bleach fan, and even if you are you might not find this funny. But it made Deslie and I giggle like madwomen, so I am recording it here. You also need to know that we make granola bars in my bakery, and when Deslie makes them there is a large chance that they are going to massively overflow the pan and become an oaty-honeyed-buttery carbon mess on the floor of the oven. We haven't yet figured out why.

So this morning I was studying the Jewish Rye and wondering if the Salt-free Whole Wheat was going to bake fast enough to get out of oven before the Rye over-proofed and deflated.

Me:*waving arms and talking to bread* Slow down! Slooow dooown!
Deslie: I don't think that's going to help.
Me: My spiritual pressure needs exercising.
Deslie: That will only make it worse. You know what mine does to the granola bars.
Me: That's true. *pause* You know, I just had a vision of what your ban kai looks like, and it's not pretty.
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Saturday evening I realized that as it was now June, the new volume of Bleach would be available at the local doom of independent booksellers. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised to hear that this pretty much ended the possibility that I would get anything useful done the rest of the weekend--I'm the type of person who likes to re-read things.

Before I disappear behind an lj-cut, I have two non-spoilery observations. The first is, I love the phrase 'hell butterfly' and am currently looking for justifications to give myself the Hell Butterfly trait. Anyone with ideas should feel free to post them here.

The second is that this volume confirmed my decision to not lobby my best friend Karin to read this series. Karin and I have widely overlapping tastes in many, many areas but I really don't think she'd stand for an extended fight scene where entire blocks of buildings collapse as a result of two guys hitting each other with swords. I, on the other hand, eat that kind of stuff up with a spoon. So shallow I am....Read more... )


May. 29th, 2006 10:26 am
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Deslie and I had a problem, but that was ok because we had a plan. Our problem was that volume 12 of the Bleach manga ended on a horrible cliffhanger (Aiii! No!! Chad!!!) and we didn't think we could last until the next volume came out. Not to mention the volume after that, and the volume after that, and...ok, you get the picture.

The plan was to take advantage of the fact that at this point, the anime is running far ahead of the American manga releases, Deslie has a very nice TV and a DVD player, and we have a helpful co-worker who was quite willing to burn us copies of the Soul Society arc. I don't think I have to fill in the blanks here, do I?

So early Saturday afternoon I show up at Deslie's house with some sparkler radishes I'd bought at the Farmer's Market that morning, a jar of wasabi and a bottle of my famous Green Peony liquor. Deslie had a large plate of nori rolls made, her husband worked that day and she'd arranged for her daughter to have a playdate with a friend that afternoon. ("What time should I bring Kasiya back?" Friend's Mom asked politely. "Oh, you can keep her as long as you'd like," Deslie said. "We don't have anything special planned today." I stared a nothing in particular and concentrated on not snickering. I really didn't mind if Kasiya was around, but I knew from Deslie that she had mixed feelings about Bleach and I'd been concerned that she'd be bored with me and her mom glued to a TV all afternoon. (And, as it happened, into the night.)

We got from the episode where they launch out of the Flower Crane cannon (love the name!) to where Yoruichi has Ichigo in the cave and intends to start some advanced training. (With clothes on. *snicker*) Minor spoilers to follow; you've been warned. Read more... )
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You scored as Ishida Uryuu. You are Ishida Uryuu. Very handy with crafts and needles, you are talented and smart. You began with a huge grudge against shinigami, but after meeting Kurosaki Ichigo, things have changed. You work side-by-side with your once enemy, and have realized the importance of your grandfather's lesson. Truly, you care about your friends a lot more than you let on, and you cannot help but worry about them. Trust your friends strengths and lend them your strength too.


Kuchiki Rukia


Ishida Uryuu


Urahara Kisuke


Shiba Ganjyu


Shihouin Yoruichi


Kurosaki Ichigo


Inoue Orihime


Sado Yasutora (Chad)


Which Bleach character are you?
created with QuizFarm.


Apr. 5th, 2006 09:00 pm
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This is not, I know, an original thought but Kurosaki Ichigo is waaaay hawter than any 15-year-old has a right to be. I mean, just look at that icon. Would you kick him out of bed for eating crackers? But massive thanks to [livejournal.com profile] yoritomo_reiko for pointing me towards a Bleach icon community.

I've grabbed 4 or 5 Bleach icons so far, and though I'm tempted to get more I've declared a stop. (Unless I find a cool one with "Retreat and you will age. Be afraid and you will die! on it.) My other passions need icon love, too, though where I'm going to find a crochet icon is something of a mystery.


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