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This was a week to get stuff in the mail. One package was expected: it was my ink order from Goulet Pens. The other was somewhat of a surprise because though I knew i had placed an order with Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, one never knows how long it will take for them to ship it out. (The price one pays for dealing with a really small company that hand-blends its oils.) I won't be getting any more fun-packages this month, as that takes care of the fun-money for September and October.

I spent part of last night emptying and cleaning pens, so that I can try some of my new inks. Tomorrow I think I'll be able to start using the new stuff. I have PR Ebony Purple, N Red Black, N Blue Black, N Navy, and D Majestic Blue. The season of cold and dark is descending upon me, and I decided I needed some inks with suitable gravitas.

My BPAL order was the result of me getting to the end of my second bottle of Rose Cross, which has become my clear favorite of their offerings. I ended up ordering two bottles, because they have been discoing or out-of-stocking a number of my favored scents, and I was feeling skittish. (Honestly, if Bow and Crown of Conquest doesn't come back into stock I may throw something. Losing my favorite carnation perfume after losing my favorite lily of the valley perfume is annoying.) I will probably record reactions to my new perfumes after I've had a chance to wear them a few times.

And now I'm heading towards bed. It has been a long, hard week, and I need sleep
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Today BPAL posted on their FB page that they are discontinuing about 50 of their General Catalog scents. Of the list there is only one that I like, Dragon's Eye, but it's one that I really, really like. Now I'm conflicted over stocking up before it goes away forever (it is supposed to be available until March 18th) or surrendering gracefully to the inevitable. Arg.

Busy, busy

Jan. 22nd, 2014 04:45 pm
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Still have to fix computer. It's being delayed by various things, like polar vortexes and sick employees and whatnot. Meanwhile I've been busy doing important things like cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry, and playing with the ereader my best friend got me for my birthday. I never particularly wanted one before, but having one now I admit it has a lot of advantages. The greatest one so far is that there are a lot of free ebooks out there, and now I have (and am reading through) a huge pile of very early Andre Norton. (Her earliest works came out in the late 40s. Who knew?)

Overall January is going well, though I've fallen behind in my Latin homework. (See: ereader, above.) As an experiment I set myself a food budget goal far lower than what the USDA allows for food stamps, and so far I'm meeting it. This is forcing me to use up the foodstuffs in my storage cupboards, which is my main motivation for the experiment. It's also making me cook more, because take-out eats up money fast, and this is helping me get back to healthy eating, so it's a good thing all around.

I finally missed my saving throw and ordered some of the BPAL Yule scents. I went with The First Soft Snow 2013 and The Garden In Winter because I'm curious on how they handle the concept of 'snow' in a scent, and Peacock Queen 2013 because so far it's my favorite of the LEs and I decided I wanted this year's rendition. I always save up to order at least three bottles at a time, because shipping is so expensive. Now I need to start saving again, because I'm on the waiting list for when Hymn comes back into stock. (It's one of my favorites, and my bottle is almost empty!) When I get my computer back I intend to go through my stock and put up a sell-list on the BPAL fan forum--I have a handful of LEs that I've tried several times, and they just don't work on me. (Which is to say, they develop fruity notes that I just cannot deal with. For some reason the Lunacies are prone to this, even the ones that don't have a fruit in their scent notes.)

My anual eval was supposed to be Thursday, but it's been rescheduled to Friday. I don't have a problem with this except I hate and dread annual evals and this is another day to fret about it. Well, it can't be helped.
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BPAL news: they have a shiny new website, with a search engine that works (!), the ability to search by scent tags, and a wish list function. I spent last night searching through all the various roses listed (Damascus, red, absolute, etc) and now have a really long list of things I either need to get a new bottle of because I'm running out (Rose Cross, Hymn) or things I need to get sample imps of.

Meanwhile, today is the last day I could order the Halloween scents Le Revenant 2013 or Ghosts in Love 2013 and I keep talking myself out of ordering them. On the one hand, LE scents are more expensive than general catalog scents and I have enough general scents to pine after. On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting Yule scents I am pining for and I'll need money for those. (Yes, I am aware that these contradict each other.) On the third hand, just look at those scent notes!!! I...just need to keep telling myself no.

This Thursday I tried Harvest Moon 2013 again and it finally did something on me. I'm not sure if it was weird body chemistry or sinus problems, but the previous times I had tried it on I had gotten nothing at all off of it. This time I smelled a dry leafy floral scent and it pleased me. I can't quite pick out the roses, but that isn't necessarily a flaw--a good harmony is worthwhile in itself.
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This month's lunacy blend promises 'red roses and wild red leaves'. Argh! And I had just talked myself out of ever ordering a lunacy again after the Black Butterfly Moon turned out to smell like butterscotch on me. *whine!*
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I came home from work and laid down for an hour. This is a bad habit I'm trying to break, on the principle that I could get more accomplished if instead of laying down I sat down and did some crochet or read a book, but I'm getting cranky with myself over how much stuff I need to get done each week and how I should be productive every single minute of the day.

Eventually I got up and changed into gardening clothes (by which I mean a t-shirt and a ripped pair of jeans) and got out to do some work in my garden. I spent about an hour and a half weeding, something that it really needed. There's more to be done, but now at least it looks more like a garden-in-progress and less like an abandoned lot. I'm somewhat depressed over it, still. I had ambitions of being able to feed myself home-grown vegetables from Memorial Day to Labor Day and everything is still so small I don't think I'll have anything harvestable on the 27th. It's a cold spring when collards, radishes, and spinach you planted at the end of March are only an inch tall on May 20th. On the bright side, all my potatoes are up and looking very strong, so at least I won't lack for potatoes.

I'm being tempted by the latest BPAL update--a Lunacy (Honey Moon) and three single notes (Passionflower, some patchouli, and Wild Dandelion). OK, so the patchouli isn't a threat and I managed to talk myself out of Honey Moon and Passionflower, but the Dandelion intrigues me. I'm enough of of a plant nerd to know that dandelion flowers don't have much in the way of scent, so this will be the PBAL perfumer's imagination of a dandelion, which means it could be anything. I find this weirdly attractive. The problem with this is that their postage is so high I flatly refuse to buy only a single bottle from them, so I need to decide if there is anything from the general catalog I want enough to make the whole thing worthwhile. This in turn needs to be balanced against the plane tickets I need to be buying soon and oh yeah, I do keep claiming I want a bicycle for transportation. Choices, I have them.
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This afternoon I was running around trying to scare up enough clear plastic containers and seed-starting mix to plant seeds in and I discovered that I had five--count them, FIVE--Jiffy mini-greenhouses. I'm not sure if that's what Jiffy calls them, but that's what they are: dark plastic trays with clear plastic dome tops and 25 little peat pellets for starting seeds in. You water the pellets, stick the seeds in, put the clear lid on to keep everything moist and wait for your seeds to sprout. I had picked them up at some end-of-season clearance and forgotten about them until I was searching my sun room for potting soil.

I did not use all five of them; even my lunacy does not extend to starting 125 plants in one day. I stopped at 3: one of various tomatoes, one of various peppers, and one of various brassicas. That's waaaay more tomatoes and peppers than I need, but since I'm using old seeds I have some viability worries--best to start extras, and give away what I can't use. The brassicas include seven broccoli, despite me having four in the garden already, because this April's weather has been so weird I'm worried about it surviving. Sure broccoli can take a little snow, but can it take snow after it's been rained on for two days? I have no experience with these kinds of questions.

While eating lunch I was reading the BPAL forum and found the thread with carnation recommendations. I am in need of a good carnation scent! One of the perfumes that kept coming up was The Bow and Crown of Conquest, which had both carnation and leather notes. I had gotten a free imp of it from the lab in a previous order, tried it on, and hadn't been impressed. This had saddened me because it has an awesome name, and I'm easily moved by that kind of thing. (Writer, what can I do?) Inspired by this new information I dug out the imp and really slathered a patch on my arm to try it again.

Apparently, this is one of those scents that I can't dab on and expect to smell anything of it: it needs coverage. But it does smell nice! I can't pick out the carnation but there is a classy floral hanging out with the leather. I, um, ordered an imp of Whip (rose and leather) as part of last week's BPAL order, so now I am even more curious about how it will turn out. I like Bow and Crown of Conquest, but if I like Whip will I really need two floral-and-leather perfumes? (On the other hand, it's not like I am not accumulating a complete wardrobe of rose scents...) And would I really admit to be wearing something called Whip in public? Bow and Crown of Conquest is unwieldy, but tactically safe.

The things I end up worrying about...
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I repaired a fountain pen nib today. No one could be more surprised at this than I.

It was the nib of my Serwex MB: the tip of one of the tines was bent back perpendicular to its mate. This had happened because the cap has an inner lining and if you don't pay attention when you recap it you can catch one of the tines and bad things happen. I had the urge to ink up a pen (which I should have ignored: I have so many pens inked up right now) and the MB is actually kind of pretty so with one thing and another I got out my jewelry-making tools and had a go at trying to bend the tip back into position. I got it more-or-less where it should be, to my unaided eye, and tried a dip-test on its writing performance. It wrote! It had a bit of tooth, but it was still smoother than most ball-points. I filled it next and proceeded to write two pages of fanfic. I still think it could use some work, but until I get a jeweler's loupe (or ship the pen off to Yoon's House of Pen Repair ;-) ) I don't want to do any smoothing. If it's really just residual misalignment, anything I do to smooth the nib could make it worse in the end.

This morning's perfume was Dragon's Musk (from the PBAL website:Dominant, passionate, devastating. Dragon’s blood and five deep musks) and I liked it a lot. However, I liked it a lot because it reminds me a lot of Spellbound, which is roses, amber, and red musk, and apparently I have a thing for florals with musk. (Who knew?) I don't react as strongly to Dragon's Musk as I do to Spellbound, so I could arguably find a use for it. On the other hand, it's not like I lack pretty scents to wear and I still have a lot of rose scents in the general catalog to sample through. (Based on my recent experience with the leather note in Dragon's Hide, I am now thinking seriously about getting an imp of Whip (rose and leather), which hadn't previously interested me.)

After my bath I tried on Dragon's Tears (Bittersweet yet powerful: salty aquatic notes and bursting with dragon’s blood) which to me smells like a weaker copy of Dragon's Blood. Thus, I still have no idea what an aquatic is supposed to smell like.
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So the last day of 2012 has been weird.

Work was weird for two reasons. The first of which was that I just had a three day weekend, I was going to work for a day, and then have Tuesday off. That makes for an odd day of work. Second something happened, or more accurately I was informed of something that had happened, and that thing is odd and mysterious. I can't go into details, but it has me scratching my head over what is going on.

Then this evening I've had an extended run of fountain pen trauma. Read more... )

The last, or possibly first, weird thing is the perfume I'm wearing today. Last month I had ordered a flight of imps of various dragon's blood-based scents from BPAL. I did this because I had previously fallen in love with one, Dragon's Eye, and I was curious to see how the basic note of dragon's blood changed when combined with other scent notes. Today I wore Dragon's Hide, which BPAL describes as "dragon's blood, leather, and smoke". Leather and smoke are not normally things that interest me as a perfume, but I've developed a tertiary interest in matching scents to fictional people and this sounded like an ideal combination for a particular character. What's weird is, I like this. I think. I mean, it's not pretty like Hymn, and it doesn't beat me over the head with a rosebush like Red Rose, and it doesn't make me want to ask me for my phone number like Spellbound does, but it's such an interesting scent. I can catch the dragon's blood, but it's heavily modified by the other notes. And it doesn't smell of leather or smoke, except when it totally does, but no sooner am I aware of it the dragon's blood springs back into view. Err, smell. Five minutes after putting it on I was wondering if I needed to go wash it off; ten minutes after I was wondering if I needed to buy a bottle. Weird.
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I got an amazing number of packages in the mail this week. It wasn't due to any organized plan on my part, that's just the way things happened. A few weeks ago I had placed an order for some perfume from BPAL and then made myself forget about it, because hand-blended perfume oils take time and there's no sense being anxious about it. Then Helen's book showed up on Amazon about the time I started lusting over the Devil May Cry anime set and hey, free shipping! What's a fan girl to do? Finally there were the Latin books I bought from a friend in the L5R community--if it's a book written in a dead language, it can't be considered a frivolous purchase, right?

I've watched some of the anime, heroically resisted sitting down and rereading FANG GIRL, and tried on one of the free imps included in my perfume order. (Seance, see below.) I haven't done anything with the Latin books yet, but it will be awhile before I am up to reading a book written entirely in Latin, even if it is just Winnie the Pooh. I really want to reread FANG GIRL, but that needs to wait for the weekend, when I have time. It will be a reward for getting the kitchen clean.

Seance: A mysterious, enigmatic blend of dry, mellow rosewood, crushed rose leaf and the slightest touch of warm hazel. I could smell a bit of the hazel in the bottle, but thankfully it pretty much went away on drydown. I don't mind nut-scents the way I mind fruit-scents, but I really prefer to not have them getting in the way of my florals. On my skin it was a really nice, subdued rose scent. For about two hours, after which it pretty much disappeared. I was most disappointed, because I was wondering if this was going to be a rival to London for a non-LE rose scent but with a short lifespan it won't be of much use to me.
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I'm on my third perfume for today; all three were free imps from my BPAL order last winter. First I tried Les Bijoux, which lasted about a half-hour before I had to wash it off: It had a fruity tone about it that I just couldn't stand on me. So then I tried Wings of Azrael, which didn't smell fruity in the bottle and (reassuringly) didn't develop any fruitiness on my skin. That lasted about two hours before I washed it off. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't particularly interesting on me. The third was Seraphim, and I'm still wearing it now. It's very nice, like a leaner version of Crossroads. I think it's an incense note I'm picking up, and I like it. I don't know yet if I like it better than Crossroads, but I have a whole imp to make up my mind with.
From the BPAL site:
Les Bijoux:Skin musk and honey, blood-red rose, orange blossom, white peach, red apple, frankincense and myrrh (Peach *and* apple. No wonder I couldn't take it.)
Wings of Azrael:myrrh swirled with a bittersweet blend of violet, Lily of the Valley, juniper, cypess and cajeput
Seraphim:calla lily, wisteria, white sandalwood, Damascus rose and frankincense

Last night I had set my alarm for 5 am, my normal time to get up, and this morning I slept right through it. Given that it buzzes for an hour before giving up this is somewhat disturbing. I hope I don't do it again tomorrow: I have to go to work. I think I will be ok; my body is pretty good at getting up when it knows something really is happening. Still: weird.

Today I managed to get a load of laundry done, three sinks of dishes washed, and a letter written. I wanted to do more, but I still feel so sluggish. I am hoping a good night's sleep tonight will do the trick, because I have a lot of things to get done this week.

BPAL notes

Sep. 8th, 2012 10:23 pm
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I should really dig up my perfume icon and upload it. On the other hand, my L'Oreal icon is amusing and not inappropriate. Recent BPAL scents I've tried:
Euphrosyne:Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla, jasmine--On paper this seemed like it couldn't miss, as each of these scents do well on me. What I did not realize before trying this is that vanilla loves me and it just totally took over. It's not bad, but it's not exciting and in any event I already have a vanilla-rich perfume.

Spellbound: Three roses, amber, red musk--I put this on in the morning and spent the rest of the day resisting the urge to walk up to myself and ask me out for a date. At random moments I would stop merely to sniff myself. In short, I really really like this perfume.

Wicked: Myrrh, jasmine, rose--Nice. I couldn't pick out individual notes, but the blend was lovely. It's not in my Must Buy list, but if I ever get a Wish List this will go on it.

Twilight:Lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle--I want a lavender scent and I love jasmine and honeysuckle but, eheu!, this did not work on me. The lavender was very present and oddly discordant. I'm wondering if it would work to make bath salts with.

Hunger: Black narcissus, orange blossom, vanilla--God help me if I ever run into a man wearing this. It has a strong, sultry floral note that keeps the vanilla from taking over (I'm guessing it's the narcissus, because orange blossom doesn't have that kind of gravitas) and the result makes me think wild thoughts. I want a bottle and am afraid of the possible consequences.

Nyx: Jasmine, myrrh, rose--I am only now as I type this up noticing that it has the same notes as Wicked, above. I still can't pick out the individual notes, but I like it. My memory says that Wicked smells slightly different, which seems reasonable (proportions probably mean a lot in perfumery) but I can't yet figure out how. Someday when I'm freshly bathed I'll put Nyx on one arm and Wicked on the other and see what comes of it.

I sent in a BPAL order last week: Spellbound, Rose Cross, and Hymn. All have rose notes, because I've decided that I am going to imp my way through BPAL's general catalog and collect all the rose scents I like. I have a friend who would probably tease me unmercifully about this if she knew, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my journal so I'm safe. And I like roses, so why shouldn't I make myself happy?

I almost bought London, which is the clearest pure rose I've found so far, but decided that as long as I have Rose Red I don't need it. I also almost bought Crossroads, which I love in spite of its complete lack of roses, but when I realized I had two imps of it I passed on this time. Someday, though.
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First, some BPAL notes from the weekend:
Yggdrasil: smelled nice and piney in vitro, but on me it was somewhere between being lost in a forest and being drenched with Pinesol. Alas.
Nero: Love this stuff! Something resinous--rosemary or pine, I can't tell--with some citrus and other things I can't tease out. I tried to look up the scent notes on the BPAL site and discovered it appears to have been discontinued. Sob! I'll have to track down the scent notes somewhere and figure out if it has a reasonable substitute somewhere.
Maiden: a confused floral with a subdued carnation note. I am depressed that this one didn't work on me, because I really need (ok, want) a good carnation perfume and this one, with notes of white tea, carnation and Damask rose, sounded perfect on paper.

Meanwhile, today I managed to be even lazier than I was yesterday. Given how little I did yesterday I'm not sure how I managed this and still had a pulse, but whatever. My high point was cracking open my Latin textbook and restarting my study of that dead and noble language. When I started translating one of the reading passages I was cheered at how much I remembered of the vocabulary of the previous stages. I think I still need to be doing daily rounds of my flashcards, however. And as the stages roll on, I need to figure out a criteria for deciding when I know a word well enough that I can take its card out of the rotation. (Because honestly, pater, mater and canis are not difficult to remember.)

It was cloudy on and off all day without raining. I am very bitter about this. The only good thing coming out of my garden this year is a crop of volunteer sunflowers, which I left in place earlier when it became apparent that I wasn't going to be planting anything in their place. They are pretty and the birds are loving the seeds, so at least someone is getting food out of that land. I need to dig out my bird identification book to figure out what that cute little yellow-and-olive green bird I've been seeing is. Some kind of finch, I imagine, but after that I'm ignorant.
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For [personal profile] yhlee, an amusing L5R drawing.

PBAL note: Wore Rome again, and am wondering if I like it enough to put it on my bottle list. It's a lemony-herb-pine thing on me, and I liked it. I still have some in the imp, so I have a few more tries to make a decision.

I still haven't figured out my DMC3 problem, much to my continuing irritation. It seems to be leading me into a skein of software issues that require me to actually care about how my computer works. (As a dedicated Apple fan, this is foreign to my nature.)

I consoled myself by downloading a free compilation of Catholic heavy metal songs titled Praising Him Loudly. Reader, you may be surprised that such a thing existed but as soon as the idea occurred to me I realized it had to exist: Catholicism is filled with metal ore. I was thrilled to find PHL, as it gives me a chance to sample a bunch of different bands and decide who I want to hear more of. My early favorite is a thrash-metal group called Seven Sorrows, but I'm not rushing to judgment. My only real disappointment so far is that the bass lines seem a little pallid, but this might be an effect of my MacBookPro's sound capabilities. I'll probably have to figure out a way to get it on a CD playable disk so that I can give it a spin in my real sound system.

ETA: Whoa, iTunes has an equalizer. Who would guess? Set it to 'rock' and will listen to the album again tomorrow.


Aug. 26th, 2012 07:56 pm
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All I want are the cut scenes to DMC3, so that I can gratify my shallow desires for white-haired, sword-wielding, demon-kicking booty. Is this really too much to ask for out of life?

Apparently, yes. I went to work (to be fair, I really did need more dried tarragon) so I could use the fast internet on my work computer to download a .flv file from Youtube. Copied it over to a USB drive, took it home, plugged it into my computer. Easy, right? Except...it won't open. Miro won't open it. QuickTime won't open it. VLC won't open it, and VLC is supposed to be able to open it! Whine!

Tomorrow over lunch I'll monkey around with things and try to figure out what is going wrong, but for now I'm just feeling annoyed. The next two weeks at work are going to be long, stressful, and exhausting, so I'd really appreciate it if the trivial things in my life were more cooperative.

On the brighter side, all of my currently-inked fountain pens are behaving themselves. And I've decided that PBAL's London is the rose scent I've been looking for. The scent description has some blather about twisted depravity that I'm just not smelling--it's just a nice clear tea rose on me. Does being unable to smell depravity make you pure or depraved? (Given my hots for Dante I think I could make an argument either way.)
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Today's scent is Queen Gertrude: "Imperial violet softened by wisteria and chrysanthemum, but edged with the regal iciness of delphinium" according to the BPAL description. I love this stuff--I've been looking for a good violet for years, as my supply of Crabtree and Evelyn Violet Toilette Water is running dangerously low and violet--Alas!--is not a trendy scent right now. The violet note is very clear and it stays true for the life of the scent. Sadly, it doesn't last the whole day but I'll work with what I can get. This is going on the "Maybe I should get a bottle" list.

MEANWHILE, UPS delivered 20 pounds of L5R cards to work today. I was a good girl and only stopped work for about 5 minutes to pour over my treasures. Now I have to start sorting everything and figuring out what I, the average bad Crane player, needs to build janky but amusing Crane decks. My box also included all of the sexy promos like champion cards with full bleed art, so my decks will be styling from the get-go. Gamer bliss!

Finally, I also got a free French Silk pie. Technically I 'got' the pie a few weeks ago; I had won a certificate from a pie company on Facebook. (This was slightly embarrassing to me, as I do business with them as part of my job, but they didn't seem to have any problems with it so.) After deep thought I decided to try their FS because, well, chocolate. I hadn't planned on having the pie and the cards show up on the same day, but it certainly made for a good Wedneday.
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I grabbed Euphorosyne (the Grace of Mirth) this morning: Gardenia, tea rose, vanilla and jasmine. It weirdly smelled almost citrusy when I applied it, but maybe that was the gardenia messing with me. Now it is a pleasant vanilla-floral blend; more subtle than the vanilla-based perfume I already have. I like it, but so far it hasn't made my 'I think I should buy more of this' list. On the other hand, sometimes scents grow on you and I have a whole imp to go through.
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I tried the High Strung Daisies last night and I'm not sure I like it. I wanted to like it because I could just catch the daisy in the mix, but there was something fruity (the pink sugar?) in there and I do. not. wear. fruit. I'm going to try it again later, because there's always body chemistry to consider--some of my perfumes smell slightly different the weeks I have been mostly eating vegetarian versus the weeks I have been eating meat. (One of the stranger consequences of being what one eats, I guess.)

This morning I am trying Seraphim (calla lily, wisteria, white sandalwood, Damascus rose and frankincense). At this point it mostly smells of high-quality incense, which leaves me in a quandry: I like smelling incense, but do I want to wear it? Well, I have a whole imp to find out. I find it odd that I loved wearing Crossroads, which has an incense note, but am so-so on Seraphim.

I'm going to the late-morning Mass today in hopes that it will warm up some--it was -2F this morning at breakfast time. I think it's up to 10 now, yay? At least all the sidewalks are now cleared of last week's snow. I don't like going to late Mass because it messes up my internal chronology for the rest of the day, but one does what one needs to do.
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My package arrived today! Squee!

I opened it and immediately put on Crossroads, which is supposed to be "A chill twilit garden of blooms over dry earth and mosses, heavily laden with incense and offertory herbs." It's had plenty of time to sit on my skin, and I'm liking it: a blend of light cool florals and incense.

I got 4 extra imps as well--well, 5 imp bottles, but I got Absinthe twice. One of them, Lady Macbeth, I'm not even going to try on because it's so fruity-berry in the bottle I know I'm going to be scrubbing it off five minutes after I put it on. (Yoon, would you like it? I seem to remember that you like berry notes.)

I'm taking a bath this evening, so I'll be able to scrub off the Crossroads and try something different. It will be hard to choose, and I may end up just putting them all in a hat and drawing randomly.

In random unconnected news, I got a haircut today and am feeling much less shaggy. My stylist trimmed about an inch off everywhere to get rid of the split ends and then cut my bangs so that it just sweeps over my left eye. I am liking the effect and will probably have her redo it the next time. On my way back I stopped and explored the tiny Middle Eastern grocery two doors down from the salon. To my delight it had orange blossom water, so now I can make that one dried fruit compote in my Middle Eastern cookbook.


Dec. 16th, 2007 08:57 pm
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Today is Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent, and it brings with it a host of important questions: How am I working to bring the light of Christ to my life and the lives of those around me? What is the proper response to the rampant commercialization of the Christmas holiday? Where is my creme of tartar?

This is the time where I start to get serious about making cookies and candies to share with others. Some years go by without me getting anything done, but I try. I have my grandmother's recipes for her gingerbread and white Christmas cookies (that's really what the recipe card says, "White Christmas Gookies"), and I mean to get them posted here this week as well, in case anyone needs a good cookie recipe. I didn't get any candy made today (I'm giving up and buying some more creme of tartar) but I did get a batch of my experimental Cranberry Banana Jam made. I'll have some for breakfast tomorrow and decide if it is a keeper, or if I have to tweak the recipe further.
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