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So last night I had a really odd dream. I dreamt I was Cheris (a character in a novel draft by [personal profile] yhlee) and I was having to defeat Jedao (another character) who I had previously defeated in another conflict by punching him in the jaw but who was now again a threat. For help I had a teen-aged strategist (who also seemed to be Jedao) but he was being very unhelpful and I had to keep telling him what to go research and what things to keep an eye out for. After that things got even more incoherent, but the battle between us never did take place.

I have absolutely no idea what brought this on.

Dream stuff

Aug. 4th, 2013 03:46 pm
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Last night I had a very odd dream, and fragments have stuck with me all day. This is unusual, as I rarely remember any of my dreams upon waking, and usually what I do remember is swiftly forgotten.

In my dream I was with a small group of people who were trying to protect another person from... something or someone, I don't remember what. We were on the run, or at least on the move, trying to get somewhere. At some point I was in charge of guarding a door to make sure no one on the other side got through it, but then a guy who was with them showed up and demanded to be let through. I refused. He pulled out a knife and explained that he was going to start cutting up my hands if I didn't let him through. Dream!Nancy still refused, but at that point I remember going through the process of reasoning that I had no way of stopping him from cutting me, and since I would eventually give way when the pain got too intense (I have no illusions about how I would hold up under torture) the smart thing to do would be to just give in before he hurt me. But I didn't do that: when the dream shifted I was still trying to convince the guy with the knife not to go through the door--I couldn't bear to just save myself when other people were counting on me.

I have no idea where this dream came from. My usual suspects for odd, vivid dreams are spicy or fermented foods, but I had neither for dinner last night.
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This morning I had the dream where my alarm clock was ringing and I couldn't find the switch to turn it off. None of the controls would do it, and even unplugging it didn't help. I find this dream very irritating, because it always occurs when my alarm is, in fact, going off, and nothing is helping because I am acting in the dream-world, not the real one. Granted, at the time I was in the middle of a dream involving having a man tied to my bedstead (which was highly peculiar, because I don't have a bedstead, but I must admit I preferred this dream to the one I had over the weekend when someone broke into my place and tried to steal my purse)--but that really isn't an explanation, because this is not the first time I have had this dream and I never remember that this is a dream.

The other my-alarm-is-going-off-dream has me on a starship where the emergency claxon is sounding and we need to evacuate the ship. I find this one less irritating, possibly because I don't expect to be able to turn off an emergency claxon with a flick of a switch. But alarm clocks ought to be obedient, right?
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I know, it has been a while since I've updated, but I've been busy. I hope to do a post on some of what I was doing (SAMURAI CHAMPIONSHIP GLOBAL TOURNAMENT!!!!!), but for now I'll just say a few words on where I'm living.

Next month at this time I'll be living somewhere else. Read more... )


May. 14th, 2007 06:50 pm
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Last Thursday night I had a severe nightmare about being torn apart by battle androids. This was unusual on several counts: I rarely remember my dreams, I even more rarely have nightmares, and I hadn't eaten anything spicy for dinner--which is what usually triggers my memorable dreams.

Last night I also had a nightmare, one bad enough to wake me up. Or make me think I had woken up; I'm fuzzy on this point. It was really annoying because I'd stayed up till 2 am writing, and having some of what little sleep time I had eaten up by nightmares was, well, annoying. Or do nightmares count as dreaming for sleep purposes? They seem unrestful, but maybe the mechanical parts of my brain don't care.

There was one cool part of last night's dream, though: In it I was a black-clad woman with white hair and red eyes (as in bloody red) and I flew through the sky brandishing a sword. I don't think going through the nightmare for that was worth it. And in case you are wondering, what I was writing on before bedtime had nothing in common with my nightmare. Then it might have made sense.

Dream Team

Apr. 10th, 2007 07:18 am
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Last night I had a dream where the Story Team was having a conference, but instead of being online like it usually is, Fred and Rusty and I were sitting around a table. And we were all singing "Brandy", by Looking Glass. I don't know where Shawn and Brian were; either they didn't know the lyrics or had previously fled the scene. I woke up with the song running through my head, and haven't been able to get it out. Fortunately, it's one of my childhood favorites so this isn't so bad. ...But he had always told the truth, Lord he was an honest man / And Brandy does her best to understand...


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