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This story was written in March 2006 and it is, among other things, my answer to how and why the Dragon Clan managed to wreck Kosatan Shiro, which was the story result from the 2005 European Championship. This was a result that bothered me a lot because the Lion would have been trying to destroy the fortress for centuries, so how did the Dragon manage it?

Obviously the canon explanation is wildly different from this but it still pleases me. There are a few sentences that have to be reworked for clarity or rhythm, but I like the plot and the characterization.

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Today on Fountain Pen Network someone posted a rumor (they gave no sources, so I am not treating it as fact) that Sailor might be bringing back their limited edition Yama-dori ink. I spazzed out over this during my lunch break. I'm still spazzing out over it.


According to Google it's even a color that I like; kind of a dark bluish teal. The idea of having to contact a business in Japan to order fountain pen ink has me shaking in fear, but it's so ridiculous I might have to do it. YAMADORI INK. (Yes, I know they write it Yama-dori. I'm not going to let a little thing like graphology get in the way of my squee.)

In unrelated news, (no, really) I've been wondering if now that I'm off the story team I should finish ACH. Does anyone besides me care how it ends?
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This is another DMC drabble I did in response for the [community profile] dailyprompt community. I regard it as interesting because I did it in first person. This is the second of two drabbles I've done in first person this month, and I'm now mulling the idea of doing a longer story in first-person in the near future. Before this month I've never written a story in first-person. (Well, aside from the pillow-book I did for the Second City box set, but I don't think writing a story in the form of a journal is quite the same thing.)

The other first-person drabble is an original, and is set in the Judgement Night world. I haven't decided if I should post it, as it touches on game events. I don't think it spoils anything, but as the writer and the GM I'm not sure I trust my judgement on things like that.

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Dumping this here for now! I'd love comment but am not holding my breath.

If you are not familiar with DMC, I think there are only a few things needed to know to make sense of what is going on.
1. In the DMC universe there are humans and demons, but the dividing line is somewhat fluid: mortals can lose their humanity, and demons can gain the ability to love (a defining characteristic of humanity).
2. Lady is human. Her father, Arkham, sacrificed his humanity in his quest for power.
3. Trish is a demon who acquired some humanity. She also bears and uncanny resemblence to Dante's mother, and this is not accidental.
4. Dante is the son of Sparda, the demon who defended humanity by single-handedly kicking all the demon armies out and raising a barrier between the two worlds. His mother was human, and he keeps a photo of her on his desk at all times.
5. Lady, Trish, and Dante all work as demon-hunters, keeping humanity safe (and paying the rent) by hunting those demons who come to the human world to do violence.

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I saw the Avengers movie yesterday for the second time and can now say with some confidence that I am totally in love with this movie. This is, in case you were wondering, a startlingly rare event: the last movie I fell totally in love with was Star Wars (the first one, mind you, back in its first release) and I was like 12 or something.

I should not have spent the whole day writing this: I have some real assignments for L5R coming up but I got the idea last night and I knew the only way I could get it out of my head was to write it. Sometimes being a write is terribly inconvenient. Now it's done and I can go fix dinner, and maybe even get some L5R written.

Oh, and mild movie spoilers. No smut, because that's not how I roll. 1,062 words.

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Tonight I was seriously bored and unwilling to do any of the worthwhile things that need to be done in my apartment so I decided to see the An Archive of Our Own site had any fanfic that wasn't shipping/romance/porn/mushy stuff. Looking through the fandom listing I discovered that it has L5R fanfic!* AND--one of them (Sushi-- is about a Crab draw-lot play!

I enjoyed inventing that little bit of Rokugan and the idea that a sidebar of an RPG suppliment chapter has inspired someone to write fanfic makes me happy right down to my toes. Because, you know, my first L5R fanfic was inspired by a sidebar in an RPG suppliment. :-D

*It doesn't have much; I think I could triple the story count just by posting my stuff.
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So I've been looking around for some Naruto fanfic to entertain myself with and have confirmed what I had feared from the beginning: what isn't outright porn is romance. So. Frustrating. If I wanted porn I could go out and buy professionally-produced porn with real copy-editing. And another thing: You have a setting tailor-made to explore the tension between duty and emotion and what do people do with it? Nothing. Except obsess over who is sticking what in whose orifice. The waste of potential makes my teeth hurt. And it's clear I'm never going to find a fanfic that will speculate on the what was going through Hatashi's mind as he realized he had killed Haku, and not Zabuza. Or whether in part 1 if he ever laid awake at night wondering, should the seal on Nine-Tails completely break down, if he would have to kill Naruto. Arrg.

I wish I could say this is a failing of Naruto fandom, but having gone through this exact same cycle of search and disappointment with other fandoms I have decided it is a general flaw in humanity. Or maybe I am the flawed one for thinking that sexuality is only part of a character's make-up and sometimes not the most interesting part of it. *sigh*
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I was scanning the AEG forum and in the L5R CCG forum there was a thread with the subject line "what to do about faceless decks" and for a moment I misread it as "what to do about faceless ducks" and my mind immediately imagined a Princess Tutu/L5R cross-over fic with the Lying Darkeness trying to infiltrate Gold Crown Town and.....

I need to get to bed early tonight. REALLY early.
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A few years ago [livejournal.com profile] helen_keeble demonstrated the boundless depths of our friendship by writing a an L5R fanfic for me. About exploding possums. Earlier today I discovered that recently Helen herself hadn't been able to find the story because she hadn't tagged it and it was lurking in the dusty corners of her LJ.

As fate would have it, I have it bookmarked because last spring I was trying to find it, and [livejournal.com profile] d_silverblade heroically battled the forces of entropy on my behalf. Clearly, the only fit thing to do is to put up a link here, so that other people may benefit from [livejournal.com profile] helen_keeble's writing and [livejournal.com profile] d_silverblade's heroism.

The series of events that would later be referred to variously as the Season of Teeth (by the Crane), the War of Dire Beasts (by the Lion), or That Thing With The Possums (by everyone else) started, as so many wars do, with a party.

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I've had an incredibly stressful week at work (maybe I'll blog about it later, maybe I won't) and I have an irresponsible urge to play. So. Are you familiar with my fanfic? If you are, suggest a topic (and, if you like, character(s)) for a story and I'll do my best to drabble something about it.
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Long before I did official L5R fiction I wrote fanfic. None of it, in case you are wondering, is slash. Today someone mentioned an interest in seeing my fanfic, and I can think of some friends who would like to know where all my stuff ended up. So here it will be.

Warning: A certain fraction of L5R players take the inclusion of Crane characters in a fiction as a personal affront. If you are one of those people don't bother to click the cut-tag, because when I did fanfic I wrote for myself. You've been warned.
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The page with [livejournal.com profile] koshindou's fanfic is back, much to my relief. I'm not sure if yesterday's disappearance was just some temporary problem with the host, or if my intense anguish bent space and time and caused the page to reconstitute itself. In any event, I decided not to take any more chances and email [livejournal.com profile] koshindou to make sure that he had copies of all his stuff. He says he does. Somewhere.

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I just went to the page where Swordmaster, along with all the rest of [livejournal.com profile] koshindou's fanfic is kept, and IT'S NOT THERE!!! The dreaded 404 error message has taken its place! Ack! Ack! fight against the Student of Water! The story of Koshin's first meeting with Kakita Shimekiri! That really creepy moment when you realize who the Goju looks like! *anguished wail* And that's not even getting into the Gozoku, or the Traveling Sword material.---ACK! THE COMIC-BOOK VERSION OF SHADOWS OF THE CLANS IS GONE! *weeping*

...it's hard being a fangirl sometimes. *goes off to rend garments*

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Last week an idea came to me, and the only way to get it out of my head was to work on it. Props to [livejournal.com profile] heiwako and [livejournal.com profile] hida_jiremi for their help. I dedicate this to all the players and spectators of the Winter Court game. :-)

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Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] helen_keeble sent me a poem she saw somewhere; it's by a medieval Japanese woman named Lady Ki No Washika. I'm putting it here so I don't lose it.


It's not because I'm now too old,
More wizened than you guess.

If I say no, it's only
Because I fear that yes
Would bring me nothing, in the end,
But a fiercer loneliness.

I have a book on Japanese woman poets that I was given as a gift. It contains poetry from the Heian era up to modern times, and I was interested to note that I am as unmoved by the poems of modern Japanese women as I am of modern American men. I love the older stuff, though, and even found a way to write a story (Benten's Blessing) around one of the poems. I mean to do more of that.


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