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This past Saturday was the Sioux City Kotei, and of course I went. It was a little odd not being on the Story Team (and more expensive, as I had to pay for my own hotel room), but I ended up having a really good time.

At this moment in time I own complete playsets of every Ivory-legal card, but I didn't manage to build a deck and ended up just taking the Crane starter I got in the pre-release tournament. To my utter amazement, I still managed to win two games. To my utter hilarity, both games were won by me playing Come One At A Time, a card I'm pretty sure that I have never put into a constructed deck. (Yeah, it's powerful, but so fragile I still don't think it's worth the space.)

I've been a bit nervous about coming back to the ccg after so long, but during the past few weeks I've discovered I still enjoy that slow burn in the back of my mind when I look at the board state, look at my hand, and see that there are possibilities here. I know I still have a lot of lost games in my future, and (ugh!) cardsorting, but now I know that the payoff is still real for me.

One of the funny things that happened over the weekend: On Friday night I was at Bob's (the TO) suite drinking and talking with some of the other early arrivals. There happened to be three other women present, and their names were--and I'm not making this up--Summer, Star, and Jade. I'd had a few rum&cokes by this point so naturally I started complaining about being the woman in the room with the boring name. Bob then announced loudly that for the weekend I would be named Cinnamon so as to fit in with the others. I thought this was very funny so the next morning when I registered for the tournament I used Cinnamon instead of my real name. Yes, I am easily amused.

I have time off reserved for one more Kotei this year. It's more than a month away, so I hope I will be able to get a real deck built for it.


Jan. 13th, 2012 04:40 pm
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So the 2012 Kotei schedule is now up. Link!

Yoon, there seems to be one in your state: USA Lafayette, LA April 7th --how far is this from where you are? So far I am only planning on South Sioux City, but I would kind of like to go back to Chicago again, and of course there is always KC and/or St Louis.

*sigh* Going to lots of Kotei always seems like a good idea in January, but the fact is I have two jobs and that makes travel hard. We'll see.
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Last night I got to play the L5R ccg for the first time in years. I think I may have borrowed a deck a few times and tried to play at a tournament, but my heart, and (more importantly) my brain just weren't in it. L5R is an intellectually demanding game, and unless I have a certain amount of practice I just really can't get in to it.

Being on the Story Team, somewhat ironically, is one of the reasons I haven't been playing: writing takes up a lot of my time. A bigger reason is that Lotus pretty much killed off my playgroup and I thus had no one to play with. But this Sunday (New Year's Day! Surely this is a Sign!) I discovered that Lincoln has a small group going and they are trying to expand. Even more happily, my source for this information (a pleasant person named Tim) was willing to give me a ride to the store where the group is meeting. I am personally convinced that part of his helpfulness sprang from the fact that I am an Official Story Person. On the one hand I feel somewhat odd about using my status in this way, and on the other hand if you can't use your status as an Official Story Person for getting a ride to a game store what good is it?

So Tim and his wife Holly (who also plays: gaming families for the win!) picked me up yesterday and off we went. They had a bunch of demo decks for Emperor Edition so I grabbed the Crane one, which amusingly contained Doji Shunya and Doji Dainagon, two personalities that featured heavily in the L5R story I had written for last week. For my opponent I got someone who was just getting into the game and had never played before. I decided that I was going to make sure I lost the game, because it can be discouraging to new players to lose ALL THE TIME, and L5R can be very unkind to new players.

Given how rusty I am, I could very well have lost that game regardless, but I made sure of it by defending the first province he attacked and burning a bunch of fate cards. Nothing dooms an honor-runner faster than having no fate hand! It also gave my opponent more chances to see how battles play out in L5R, which I think is a good thing.

While I was playing that game another new player sat down next to me and started to learn to play from Holly. At one point she looked over at my game and exclaimed "What happened to all of your people?" I explained to her that I had lost a battle. And that this was an occupational hazard of being an honor runner, so it was a fairly common thing for a Crane player. I felt very smug about my blase'-ness.

I had a really good time. Everyone was very friendly and as I played I could feel the cards start to 'click' in my mind. The Lincoln players sometimes go down to Omaha on Friday nights to play in tournaments there, and I'll probably go to some of those as well. Somewhere in my office I have a box of promos buried: I should find it and donate some of them as tournament prizes.

Two Cards

Apr. 20th, 2011 06:25 am
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The next L5R expansion set, Before the Dawn, is previewing now. The card for Kakita Munemori exp was shown yesterday, and I am mentioning it because of all the flavor I did for that set, I think this is my favorite. I like to think I summed up certain notable features of his personality, which is something of a challenge when you have like 150 characters to work with.

The other card is of more interest to my fellow Ricepaper alums: the Facebook page for L5R has a preview of--TAMORI SHOSEI! :) The card is well-deserved; for years now Matt has maintained a public database of L5R story tournaments that everyone in the L5R community, including the Story Team, used as a reference. Giving him a public thank-you was fun.
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"The Emperor Edition themes page has been updated and contains the next theme of Emperor Edition to be revealed: Shi-Tien Yen-Wang Priests.

Please be sure to check back next Friday for the next unveiling!"

Link to theme page here.

Woe is me!

Sep. 4th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Tomorrow there will be a L5R storyline tournament up in Sioux City--so close!--I'm not going. It's the first time in years I've missed one of Bob's Labor Day weekend tournies. *sniff* I wanted to go so badly but this week I made myself face facts. I've come home from work every day the last two weeks exhausted from work--the store's expansion activities have hit a fever pitch, and we've started to make plans for our grand opening in mid-October. I need to take this time to sleep lots and get some laundry done, not party with friends. *sob*
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There is a new base set for L5R coming out this summer; Celestial Edition. One of the upcoming Crane strongholds can be seen here at the Home of the Crane website. I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!

Shiro Daidoji
Your Samurai have +1F while defending.
Battle: Even if this card is bowed, bow your target Personality: Ranged Attack with strength equal to his Force. Gain 2 honor.
Site of the oldest dojo in the Daidoji lands,
it is the symbol of their greatest pride.


I'm not sure how I would even find a playgroup now. Though, it's the beginning of an arc and I'm now within convenient biking distance of a game store. On the other hand, I now have multiple writing projects and a vegetable garden to care for.... Decisions, decisions.
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For those of you who don't know, spring/early summer is the main L5R tournament season, and it's not unusual for L5R tournaments to have some sort of charitable activity going on as a side event. (I don't know if other CCGs do similar things, L5R is the only one I've ever been interested in.)

Last weekend there was a Kotei tournament in Green Bay WI, and they had a food drive for the local food pantry. People playing in the tournament could bring actual food; well-wishers could donate by Paypal. The tournament was well-attended (by L5R standards, at least) and enthusiasm for the food drive ran high. (For any past or present L5R players: the clan who donated the most food got a story mention!)

Today the tournament organizer posted this on AEG's forum:

[quote="Gnome Games"]First - thanks to all the great players. Without you guys events like this would be impossible. The final check delivered to Paul's Pantry was an even $2000. Some guys I know in the bar after the event with the sister that wailed a lot on stage while we enjoyed some wine - donated some and then there were a number of anonymous donations as well. Plus a TRUCKLOAD of food. When I delivered it Monday the lady began to cry - they were literally down to a dozen packages of Mac & Cheese in the pantry.

Refilling a food pantry won't cure all the world's ills, but it means a lot to the people who will be able to eat this week because of such generosity. I am looking forward to seeing what the next food drive nets.
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I just wanted to show off my new icon. This is the art for Kakita Hideshi, one of the new Crane personalities in The Heaven's Will. I played some part in his creation, and thus I was very pleased when Troy Graham was given the art--I've been a fan of his work for some time. This morning I asked him if he would make me an icon for here, and--TA DA! Isn't it wonderful?

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Tomorrow is May Day, which marks my annual struggle not to make jokes about tank parades. All of my co-workers were alive when the Soviet Union still existed, but none of them spent the May Days of the tender years of their childhood dropping dixie cups full of candy on their neighbors' porches and then going home to watch the five-o'clock-news coverage of the annual Worker's Day Parade in Moscow. I do not feel old, but there are moments when I do feel my age.

Meanwhile, last week my Friday started with a thrill, as the Words and Deeds preview cycle brought Matsu Takeko (Experienced) into view. See those trait lines? See? Those are direct references to "Stronger Than Steel" the story I wrote where she kills two opposing samurai and then runs like a half-mile with an arrow stuck in her ribs. I influenced a card design. *sniff* I'm so happy....I didn't know this until I read the preview on the AEG forum. I've had the W&D pdf forever, but I generally don't read a particular section unless I'm doing flavor text for it. That'll teach me, I guess.

(While writing "Legacies", a story in which Takeko narrowly escapes being rended limb from limb by the former Matsu Satomi, it occurred to me that I have written three fictions with her as a character and she's gotten beat up in every one. I think I owe her a fic where she has a candle-lit dinner with Kakita Hideo, followed by an intensely meaningful discussion of Akodo's Leadership.)

Also meanwhile, spring is in full cry here. Thus, I am suffering from pollen-induced sinus problems and sunshine-induced gardening urges. The first I am keeping in check with the aid of my neti pot. The second, I am afraid, has no cure.


Apr. 26th, 2008 08:04 am
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I never managed to get my new deck built, which makes me sad because Mason had designed a really fun-looking one for me. Maybe I should try to get to another Kotei to play it? Or, I could play at Gencon this year with it. Anyway.

Spent last night hanging out with Bob, Mason, and everyone who had shown up on Friday. Troy Graham showed up and I fangirled him over the t-shirt. Everyone ended up in Bob's suite and much talking and a little drinking ensued. I finally made myself leave and get some sleep around 2 am. Today is going to be very long, and a lot of fun.

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This morning I was hanging out in the Crane clan chat and talking with John and Mason when Mason mentioned the upcoming Kotei in Kansas. He and Bob are going down on Friday, and when I mentioned that had been one of the ones I wanted to go to he offered let me carpool with them. I told him no, but it is so, so tempting to say yes. L5R tourneys are so much fun (even though being on the Story Team has caused my playskills to drop like a rock), and I've always wanted to go to more than just the South Sioux City one. ([plug]Though if you can only to one, going to one of the best isn't such a bad thing.[/plug])

I could just swing the work hours, but the money is another matter. April is shaping up to be a bad month, and I still am budgeting for Wiscon at the end of May. And I am writing a fiction this week/end. *sigh* So close! So close!

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I got back home around one-ish this afternoon, and there were all kinds of things I could/should have done (write tournament report, clean house, take nap, etc, etc,) and so of course I sat down to watch more of the Princess Tutu fansub that [livejournal.com profile] helen_keeble gave me last year. I've gotten as far as Chapter 13 (Swan Lake), and I have decided a few things. First, [spoiler] and [spoiler] are, as they say, pure comedy gold. "WHAT DID YOU SEE?!" "I DIDN'T LOOK!" I think I may have to rewatch 12 and 13 before I go on. The second thing is: young, snarky, tousle-haired, sword-wielding men are good. Young, snarky, tousle-haired, sword-wielding, ballet-dancing men are even better. Which only goes to show that while I am shallow, I am not tasteless.

Anyway, the KC tournament was lots of fun. I played a deck made (with a few substitutions) from a decklist Scott Rixon kindly sent me--I've gotten so little playtime in SE I don't even know what a good gold scheme looks like. In stunning proof of the theory that net-decking doesn't work, I went 1-5 with it. My only 'win' was a concession in the last round from an opponent who claimed that I had a stronger board position when time was called. I'm not sure I believed him, but I had donated a cake for the lowest placing player who had gone the entire tournament, and he was going to get the cake one way or another since I don't believe in taking home my own bounties.

Meanwhile, during the finals rounds a few of the cake-winners had cut up their prizes and were sharing them around: Much cake-eating bliss ensued. Also, I took the time to answer (somewhat unhelpfully) a number of questions about Bayushi Nomen. "Is Nomen a man or a woman?" "Yes." I think I got around to being unambiguous, but I was very, very tired then so I don't remember clearly.

It was a really fun weekend and I'm glad I was able to go. Now I need some dinner, and after that more Princess Tutu watching. I need to see as much as I can today, because the coming week will have me busy at both of my jobs. Onwards and upwards!


Nov. 9th, 2007 08:51 pm
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I'm sitting at an Indian restaurant in the strip mall where Table Top Games is located with Bob Yager. We've just polished off our pakoras appetizers (very good, btw) and are waiting for the entrees. Lamb korma for me, vegetable byriyani for Bob. After we finish we'll go back to the room and build decks and frost cake.

Sometimes life is very, very good.
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I am leaving town tomorrow for the L5R tourney in KC and I don't have a deck built. So of course I spent the evening making cake. I have wondered if this is not a sign of skewed priorities, but really--if I really am unable to finish my deck before I leave town I almost certainly could borrow one from someone, but if I don't make cake, who will? And I am the Baked Good Champion. I didn't get frosting made, for several reasons, but if worse comes to worse I can buy some from work; I'm pretty sure we have both flavors made up right now.

My efficiency is being hampered by several things. I'm very tired, since I've been unable to get enough sleep this week. I'm coming down with a cold/sinus infection/something. And I have a spot of the blues, which makes me want to sit in a corner and sulk. Sulking is kind of a time-waster. So is posting to my LJ, sometimes, but at least it is movement. I guess I'll sort through my cards until the cake is cool enough to cover, and then get to bed.
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The previews of the cards for The Truest Test started this week, and already I noticed a couple that had flavor text that I wrote. It was quite startling, to see my words staring back at me across the Internet. That probably sounds odd, as I've done lots of stories by now and this isn't the first expansion I've done flavor for. But I did fanfic before I joined the Story Team, so seeing my fiction isn't that new (although proof that I have readers is somewhat novel, and quite delicious). And when KD was coming out I was too busy doing other things so the only thing I really noticed was the The Empress's Address now had no flavor at all. (Mechanics, alas, will always have the final say--say la vee.) But now I have a small slice of breathing space to hunt down previews and think, "...that looks familiar...". The oddness is compounded by another recent experience: I got a pdf for some future cards that included strongholds, and two of the strongholds had names I had suggested in an earlier brainstorming session. Strongholds! With my names! Someday my fellow L5R players will be building decks and catchy nick-names for boxes that I named.

It's a dizzying thought. Since childhood I have been fascinated by words, and I can't clean off my desk without finding pieces of paper with interesting words or phrases scribbled on them--I collect words the way dragons collect gold. Except: I can give my horde away and still have it. Better still, it will come back to me bringing new riches in tow. It is not a wonder?


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