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Dear Reader, when last we left our heroine, she had just suffered through two snow-related cancellations of her dental checkup. Her third attempt is scheduled for this coming Thursday morning.

With throbbing heart and foreboding mind she inquires of the state weather oracle as to the remaining week's weather. Could she really be so accursed as to have another snowstorm interfere with her efforts to stave off gingivitis?

Indeed, she is not. There are no snowstorms forecast for this week.

Instead, the next two days will feature freezing rain, freezing rain mixed with snow, and freezing drizzle.


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I am starting to find this whole temperature thing very tedious. (Currently: -8F/-22C) With temperatures like this I'm going to be stuck inside all day, because while I am willing to brave coldness for definite reasons (work, church, etc) I'm not going to do it just to take a walk. Especially when there are still massive snow piles everywhere. I hate not being able to just go out and take a walk when I want to.

At least I now know why we are having this cold. This week the Omaha World Herald helpfully ran a front-page story on how a jet stream that normally deflects arctic air masses away from the middle of North America is now running diagonally (more or less) across the continent, allowing said arctic air masses to roam freely through the Great Plains. This has no practical impact on my life, but something in me feels better about understanding the whys of the situation.
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I got up, checked to make sure the dental college was open, had breakfast and brushed my teeth, and got myself to the bus stop.

After about 15 bone-chilling minutes of waiting, I concluded that I had somehow missed my bus. (Which I still think is impossible. There is no way that bus should have gotten from 22nd and Van Dorn to 17th and Washington that quickly. But there you have it.) So I walked back to the apartment, checked the schedules, called and left a message at the appointment desk (not yet open, of course) that I had missed my bus and was going to be somewhat late.

As I was suiting back up to go back to the bus stop the phone rang. It was my dental hygienist, calling to say that the snowfall had left her stuck at home, so she was going to cancel all her appointments today and reschedule later.

Now strictly speaking this makes missing the bus a good thing, as otherwise I'd gotten all the way to the Dental College and then found out it was for nothing. However, it just felt frustrating to me. I mean, really, should it be this hard to get the tartar cleaned off my teeth and listen to the semi-annual lecture on how I should be flossing regularly?

I could have gone to work at that point, but I had already made the preparations to take the day off and I was feeling annoyed. So I'm going to stay indoors, do housework and ogle vegetable porn gardening websites.

In the meantime, I've rescheduled my appointment for the end of January. You've been warned.
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A few months ago I scheduled my usual 6-month teeth-cleaning-and-check-up for a day in the early part of December. The day before my appointment a snowstorm rolled through, bringing snow, bitter cold, and high winds. Lincoln ground to a halt and UNL shut down everything, including the College of Dentistry's clinic.

The week after that I called up the clinic and rescheduled my appointment for January 7th. (If you live anywhere in the Midwest you know where this is heading.)

Today a storm rolled through town, bringing snow, bitter cold, and high winds. It's not nearly as much snow as the early December storm (yet), but the cold is, if anything, worse. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be -2F (too depressed to translate to C, sorry) and that's going to happen in the early morning; temps will then drop to -5F noonish.

This morning the scheduling clerk at the clinic called me with the usual reminder about my appointment. "Check the closings or call ahead to make sure that we are open," she advised. *sigh*

All I can say is, those buses better be running on time tomorrow. Silk underwear or no, there is a limit to how much time I can spend in a -32F wind chill.
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According to the National Weather Service, it is currently -5F here. (That's -21C, for you metric-enabled folks.) That's cold.

Given a choice, I'd huddle inside where it is reasonably warm. It's not like I don't have enough housework to keep me busy! But it's payday, and rent is due. So I have to walk down to work, get my check, go out and wait for the bus, go to the bank, wait for the bus again.... My feet are getting cold just thinking about it.

I'll have to break out the wool/angora long underwear for this; I'm not sure the silk will be enough. Or maybe I'll wear the silk under the wool/angora. There's no wind now, but if one starts up I'll need as many layers as I can get.

Whimper. My winter gloves are so pathetic....

Oh, dear

Dec. 22nd, 2009 06:34 am
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I just checked the NWS forecast for here, and they are calling for heavy and blowing snow on Thursday. That is, you know, the day I drive back to Omaha to spend Christmas with my parents.

I've driven in snow storms before (being a Nebraskan this is pretty unavoidable) but it's not something I enjoy and if the storm is very heavy it isn't something I do at all. But it would be very upsetting to not be home on Christmas Eve!

All I can do for now is keep an eye on the forecast. At the moment the storm seems unavoidable, but it isn't all that uncommon for storms to shift slightly north or south as they come through the Plains, so this once could be lighter than expected, or it could sidestep us entirely. Or it could be even worse. One never knows.

Snow Day

Dec. 9th, 2009 02:53 pm
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I'm at home today. I'd arranged to take today off several weeks ago; I had a dental appointment and it just worked easier for me to swap my schedule around to work this Saturday and have the day for the dentist and running errands. As it happened, however, the storm yesterday and its after-effects resulted in the University being closed today, and as I go to the dental college's clinic my appointment was canceled.

I could have gone into work at that point, but I had scheduled the construction folks to come in and tear out the bakery ceiling today (since I wasn't going to be in) and I need to work the occasional Saturday anyway (Glorious Leader wants all managers to be familiar with what the store's weekend business looks like) I didn't see the point.

So far I've spent the day cleaning. Later I hope to get some baking in. I need to get to the post office to mail some packages but that is NOT going to happen today: the current temperature is 8 F (-13 C) and the wind chill is -13F (-25 C). I'll wait for later in the week when the high is supposed to be a balmy 19F.
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I would like to begin with a reading from The Book Of Nebraska Weather, on the topic of tonight's weather:
Tonight: Snow, freezing rain, and sleet, becoming all snow after midnight. Some thunder is also possible. Steady temperature around 23. North northwest wind between 8 and 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total nighttime ice accumulation of 0.1 to 0.3 of an inch possible. Total nighttime snow and sleet accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible.

For those of you who dwell in warmer climes, 'sleet' is like freezing rain, only more so. And it really did thunder this evening. While sleeting. It was very exciting, and I interupted my dinner preparations more than once to dash to a window to see what was happening now.

Meanwhile, am running around in circles. Am behind at work, thanks to being sick and being short a night baker. Am not finished unpacking, so I haven't found the cotton yarn I need to crochet the potholders my mom wants for Christmas. Nor have I found my cookbooks, which snarls both my plans to make caramel (how can I make caramel without the Joy of Cooking, I ask you?) and the apricot honey butter I want to make for my dad. Haven't even begun to think about doing/getting things for the other people who I wanted to give things to. (Though, admittedly, this is where being Catholic is an advantage to me, as I know that Christmas does not actually end until the Feast of Epiphany. I have more than a week after the 25th!) There are other things bothering me, but if I write them all out I'll just get shaky, so that won't do.

In the meantime, I have something cool to look at. AEG is planning on releasing a L5R graphic novel, and the brand manager recently put up a page from the novel up as a teaser. Any interested parties should click here for a look-see.
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According to the National Weather Service's website, it is now -3F in Lincoln, with a -22F wind chill. (That's -19C and -30C for the non-US parts of the world.) Clearly I'm going to need lots of layers for my walk to work today.
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I have been without air conditioning for over ten years now, and this has been voluntary on my part. People look at me oddly when this comes up, but I live on the ground floor of the building, with nice windows and a really big tree shading my apartment to the south--these things, taken together, mean that generally there are only one or two really bad heat weeks each summer.

This...is one of those weeks. As I write it is a little after nine at night, and according to the National Weather Service the temperature is 90F (32C) with a heat index of 105F (41C). This is down from around 6 pm when we had a heat index of 112F (44C, I think). I don't know how hot it was when I walked to the post office late afternoon, and it is probably better that way.

On the brighter side, I finished gluing my solar oven together Friday night, and given that it is going to be really sunny out tomorrow I plan to test it out. I think I'll try cooking some barley: grains are generally unfussy about exact temperatures and being able to cook some in this weather without heating up the kitchen sounds very attractive.

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Quite literally, in fact, though Yamadori's screen gives me enough light to type by. The candles are, strictly speaking, for things like getting breakfast and finding clothes.

I woke up this morning to a lively rainstorm outside. This was fine with me because my alarm wasn't going to go off for a few minutes and in the meantime I could lay in bed and listen to the rain come down outside my bedroom window, which is one of my favoritest things to do (though it makes me worry that I wasted the tomato fertilizer I gave my plants last night). My alarm went off at 4 and I got up and showered. Towards the end of my shower thunder had started, and I was glad that I was almost done because I have an (unfounded?) fear of being in the shower during a lightning strike. I had dried off, conditioned and combed my hair, put on a house-dress and put on a kettle of water for my tea and was just starting to wonder where my good umbrella was when there was a flash of light and a loud "crack" and the lights went out.

At first I thought it was just my bedroom lamp; it's the touch-activated type and somewhat fussy. Further investigation showed that it really was the electricity being gone, and I was now in a pitch-black apartment. Well, bother. I have a generous supply of candles, but finding them in the dark? Happily I realized that Yamadori's screen was a light source and since he had a battery I could use him to find some candles. Less happily I realized that since quitting Girl Scouts I have lost/decommissioned all my flashlights and haven't replaced them. (Memo to self: Do something about this.)

After some digging about I found some candles and got them lit. I had gone on with my breakfast preparations (gas stove=morning tea will go on) when it occurred to me that maybe I should report the outage to the electric company. Usually I don't bother, on the grounds that lots of other people will, but the outage had happened sometime between 4:30 and 4:45 am and how many of my neighbors were up then? I located a phone book and, being careful not to set the pages on fire, called up LES on my cell phone and made a report. (The cell phone was needed because my real phone won't work if the electricity is out, so I've discovered another use for the silly thing.)

I settled down to breakfast and realized that my phone needed electricity but my phone line didn't--as long as nothing had happened to my internet provider (I have a local service), I could still go online. Out of curiousity I scanned the area for wireless networks and found none. Dial-up is slow, but, apparently, robust.

So here I am, eating breakfast and blogging. I still don't know where my good umbrella is, and I'm unlikely to find it by candlelight. I think I'm going to wrap Yamadori in plastic before putting him in my book-bag, as I don't trust my not-good umbrella to keep us both (or either) of us dry. In any case, I'm guessing I'm going to get quite damp waiting for the bus, as it is still raining. So it goes, so it goes.

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We had weather last night. By this I mean that we had thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, and that peculiar creepy color of sky that tells the experienced resident of Tornado Alley that Bad Things are in the offing.

At one point the sirens started blowing, much to my annoyance. I had put off getting dinner because I had a story that I just had to finish, and having finally finished it and shipped it off to Fred I was beginning to heat up the water to cook some broccoli when they went off. I was in the middle of a couple of msn conversations and signed off both of them with a terse, "damn. sirens." (Because I was born and raised in the Midwest, I naturally feel somewhat guilty about being so terse.) After getting a recent radar pic from the National Weather Service I got my shoes on, unlocked the outside door to the basement (which I control, being the possessor of the house's original kitchen), and dashed upstairs to tell my upstairs neighbor that the basement was unlocked and she could take refuge in it if she chose.

Coming downstairs I stood in the driveway and took stock of the situation. The air was completely dead still, with clouds overhead racing towards the north-east, and the cloud cover in the north-northwest was a flat, dead charcoal color. This was so not good, in case you were wondering. I went back into my apartment, got a new radar pic, disconnected Yamadori and took him to join my neighbor in the basement, where we spent the next 20 minutes chatting.

Ultimately nothing bad happened in Lincoln (except that I never did get dinner), but this morning's early reports indicate that a few small towns north of us got hit. They are calling for more storms tonight. *sigh*

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It's a sun-shiny morning, I've had a full night's sleep, breakfast, and a pot of tea, and yet I still feel somewhat less energetic than a sloth. I would be annoyed, except that would take effort.

I really need to get dressed and get to work. I don't normally work on Saturdays, but I was sick the first two days of this week, we had quarterly inventory this week, and I must get my inventory report done for this Monday. I suppose I could still be suffering the lingering effects of whatever-it-was. At any rate, I get to sit at my desk for N hours writing out numbers. I don't object to numbers per se, but inventory involves a lot of persnickety detail work which I find extremely boring. The deli manager is working on a system to computerize his inventory system, and when he gets it perfected I plan to steal it, but until then I'm stuck with the current paper system.

The weather isn't helping any: in spite of the sunshine it is bitterly cold today. At 9:30 am we had 23 degrees F, with a wind chill of 8 degrees F. I don't generally complain about cold, but all the spring flowers that were hurried into bloom by March's 60 and 70 F temps are now wan ghosts of themselves. Why then should I rush this morning?

Late spring freeze
Cold wind through blighted flowers
sharp like thin sunlight


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