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I came home today to find a message from Animal Control: the bat tested negative for rabies. This was, I admit, the expect answer but it was still really nice to have it confirmed. This means I can now devote myself to my fridge crisis.

Over the weekend I was struck how the things I was getting out of the fridge didn't seem cold enough. On the other hand, it is hard to judge temperatures by touch, especially when the world outside the fridge is really, really hot. This afternoon on the way home from work I bought a fridge thermometer and put it in to check. After a half hour I checked it and it read about 60 degrees. This was, as they say, not good.

My first action was to do an emergency clean-out of my freezer, in case I had stuff blocking the vents that was making it run less efficiently. I'll let it run for a few hours and recheck to see if that has solved it. If not I will have to call the landlord, which I guess works since I was planning on calling him anyway over the bat. I will also have to pitch anything in the fridge that is spoilable, which is never happy. On the good side most of the stuff in there are things like produce and condiments that can tolerate warmer temps without becoming a hazard. Still, I'm now hoping the tea eggs I ate for lunch didn't have time to go bad.
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OK, it really didn't attack.

Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in my home office minding my own business (which in this case was an L5R story that I absolutely had to get done for this week) when I noticed some noise coming from my sun room. I didn't pay it any attention at first, figuring it was some birds causing a ruckus up on the gutter, or on the roof of the house next door, but it went on longer than I would have expected so I got up and headed into the sun room to investigate. I got half-way across the room when I realized that there was something in the plastic cottage cheese container I use to collect egg shells in for my garden and that something was in fact a bat. Bats. Why does it always have to be bats? )
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Monday morning at work I was scratching something on my leg, looked down to see what it was, and noticed a few little red dots where my scratching had torn off the scabs. My brain immediately went, "AHHH! I'VE BEEN EXPOSED TO RABIES AGAIN!" and since then I've had to go though moments where I am convinced that I need to see a doctor right now and consult with them on this. I keep patiently explaining to myself that this is really stupid and there is really no reason to to jump to that sort of conclusion but my brain keeps looping back. It's so annoying.

The situation is not helped by the fact that my sinuses are acting up, giving me a little bit of a headache and some random respiratory crud. This is not that unusual; the weather has been changing back and forth, which usually irritates my sinuses, and I've been horribly sleep-deprived the past week or so which always leaves me prey to respiratory problems. I recognize every symptom I have as something I've had before, but the tape loop keeps trying to insist that this is the onset of rabies. So. Fucking. Annoying.

I'm almost at the stage of researching the West Nile Virus to cheer myself up. I'm pretty sure it is flu-like at some stage, and with all the mosquitoes around I have a lot better chance of contracting it than rabies.
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Usually when I don't stop to update my journal it's because I've been too busy to stop and write something non-work-related; this time it's because I've felt too lazy. Part of it, I guess, is the lingering side-effects of the vaccine. I got the Day 14 shot on the 4th of July, and have only the Day 28 shot to go.

I have had some busyness: We had inventory at work on the 2nd, and I dedicated my day off on the 4th to cleaning house. I'm never the greatest of housekeepers, and I'd really fallen behind the weekend after my first set of shots. Today I need to go into work for an hour or so to finish off the post-counting inventory paperwork, but most of this morning I've just been laying around my apartment, reading. I did get out around 10 am and water my garden, because I hadn't done that in a few days and it is supposed to hit the upper 90s--not a good time to let flowering and fruiting vegetables go thirsty. I've had two small harvests of green beens from my bush beans and my purple pole beans are flowering nicely. Also, my Early Girl and Juliette tomatoes are loaded with green tomatoes. I can hardly wait for them to ripen! I'll probably pick them before fully ripened and take them inside to finish, to keep the squirrels from getting hem.

I got the bill from the hospital for my visit to the emergency room and first set of shots. Oh. My. Stars. I was expecting something bad, in the hundreds of dollars, and was shocked to find I was off by an order of magnitude. I have insurance, but even the deductible is going to be a pain. My fourth decade of life is not proving to be fun--first mom's cancer, then her house drama, and now rabies shots. I've gone so far as to consider skipping Gencon this year, but I really don't want to do that. Gencon is my once-a-year chance to hang out in person with [livejournal.com profile] koshindou and all of my other gamer friends in different time zones. Easier, I think, to work out an installment plan with the hospital than to live with the year of self-hate I'd put myself through if I didn't go. Am I being irresponsible in this? I think I might be, but I'm not up to fighting the impulse right now.

Today's allotment of responsibility will go to getting a shower, going to work, and finishing paperwork. This was our end-of-year inventory, and our bookkeeper will get twitchy if she doesn't have all the departmental paperwork in her inbox Monday morning.
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I've just gotten back from my third rabies shot.

I'm feeling better about this than I was on Monday. By Tuesday morning the side effects of the Sunday shot were pretty much gone, so I now have an estimate of how long I have to put up with this shot's effects. Also, tonight I'm supposed to hang out with a [livejournal.com profile] cassandra_e, and tomorrow night is my gaming night, so I won't be sitting alone in my apartment with nothing to distract me from the pain. Generally speaking I'm ok with living alone, but there are times when it is a distinct disadvantage. These are the kind of times I envy my married friends the most.

Yesterday's tetanus shot went smoothly, btw. Both the doctor and Cheryl were certain that I was almost certainly not at risk from the alleged bat bite: their teeth are too small to create an actual puncture wound. (This, I guess, is the dubiously-silver lining to their ability to give you rabies without you knowing it.) The doctor was more than happy to give me the shot anyway, because a) I was up for a renewal regardless, and b) they have started packaging the whooping cough vaccine with the tetanus vaccine for double public-health goodness. I am now immune to two and a half diseases. Five and a half, if you want to count the measles-mumps-rubella shots of my childhood. (Which I got a booster to in the early nineties when UNL had a measles outbreak--I was pretty sure my shots were still good, but the vaccine was free and I'd just started being a Girl Scout leader: I didn't want to the person who spread measles from the UNL campus to the Lincoln Public School system.)

At any rate, my shot took place about 45 minutes ago, and I can already feel some weakness and tenderness in my right arm. Clearly, I am not going to be scooping cookies today! But that's all right--yesterday while reviewing the OSHA regulations on Personal Protective Equipment I realized that our oven mitts qualify as PPEs and that my overhaul of our policy document was going to be more extensive than I first thought.
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The last few days have been very uncomfortable for me--the side effects of the rabies vaccine are not fun. It's made harder, I think, by the fact that I'm generally pretty healthy and I don't generally have bad reactions to drugs. The last bad one was to the narcotic pain reliever the dental surgeon gave me after my wisdom teeth removal: it worked great the first day, and on the second day it started making me throw up every twenty minutes. It made for a very unpleasant four hours, but then it was out of my bloodstream and I stopped taking it. But stopping the rabies vaccine isn't an option.

Yesterday was a low point; I didn't have the tingling and weird vision effects that had made Sunday so interesting but the pain in my head was the worst yet. And I was tired: tired of the pain, tired of the fear. I was stressing hard over it, so much that I went into a friend's office, closed the door, and asked for a hug. I normally live in a don't-touch-me bubble of space, and my friend knows it. She gave me a big long hug and told me that I was being wonderfully brave and she admired how pro-active I was being in managing the issue. I feel neither brave nor pro-active: rabies is fatal, and that's that.

I am feeling better this morning, but I have a tetnus shot today and another rabies shot tomorrow so I'm not expecting it to last. On the other hand, yesterday I still managed to bake two batches of gorgeous-looking rice bread, so apparently I don't need a fully-functioning central nervous system in order to bake. Good to know, I think.
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I thought about not putting this in my LJ because it is kinda melodramatic, but I think a fair number of people read my blog because I'm on the L5R Story Team, and it's information that I didn't know before now and I think other people might not know it either. So, the short form first:

If you or someone else has been sleeping with a room with a bat in it, CATCH THAT BAT and have it tested for rabies. Bat bites are tiny and painless and the sleeper could have been exposed to rabies without ever knowing it.

The Long Form )


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