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This afternoon I painted on myself.

Not just any paint, I should add. The good people at the Dharma Trading Company sell a line of Temporary Tattoo Ink which, as one would expect from the name, allows you to paint tattoo-like pictures on skin. In this case, mine.

I had gotten the paint a few summers ago for Gencon and then wheedled my long-suffering friend Brent to paint the Daidoji mon on my arms. I hadn't used it since, and I've gotten tired of it mocking me from the bathroom shelf I had parked them on after my move. Unfortunately, Brent lives in a different time zone so I had to paint myself this time. The results were not pretty: I look like I was attacked by a seven-year-old armed with a watercolor set. But I had to paint by looking in the mirror at what I was doing and half the time I was using my off-hand, so I wasn't expecting a great result. My hope is that if I start practicing now then by the time warm weather rolls around and I am wearing shirts that would allow my efforts to be seen they will be worth looking at.

Since this was all experimental I did random stuff: I have the constellation Orion on my upper left arm, a rose and three cornflowers across my chest, and a wheatstalk-poppy-cornflower bouquet on my upper right arm. Next time I try this I am going to put the complicated design on my left arm, so that I can use my right hand to paint with. Also, I need more paintbrushes. And I need to order something in the yellow or gold range, because green wheatstalks, while possible in nature, look drab when paired with green stems and leaves.

Now I will see how long they last. The Dharma website says 24 to 72 hours, but I recall they lasted longer than that at Gencon. You can take them off with rubbing alcohol, but water doesn't affect them much: I took a bath this evening and it did nothing to them. I don't think any of my winter blouses will show them; otherwise I will have some explaining to do. I wonder, could I keep a straight face long enough to convince people they are permanent?
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The colorist of the Girl Genius comic, Cheyenne Wright, has been suffering serious health issues lately, and this is quite unfortunate. (The Foglios are organizing some fundraising to help with his medical expenses, as freelance artists do not generally have access to health insurance.)

HOWEVER, this has the result that today's Girl Genius page (link) is the uninked, uncolored pencils. I am fascinated by the realization that I like the pencils just as much as the finished, colored pages. Go look!
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This is not being a good week for me. My sleep is still off-kilter from training, I have encountered a number of problems during the times I have made it into work during the day, my electric space heater is missing, and it's been rainy and gloomy for days. Also, I'm not going to the tournament in KC after all. And then there is that other thing that I'm not going to talk about.

However, life has not been all bad. First, and most delightfully, [livejournal.com profile] koshindou posted these drawings on his deviantArt account. The two characters are from the Exalted game he ran for our room last Gencon, and looking at them makes me want to giggle. And play Exalted, but that's not going to happen any time soon so moving along...

Also, today I discovered that I could get Girl Genius as an rss feed to my LJ. Bwaaahaha! I am somewhat behind in the story, having been following it via the published books, but I'm sure I'll catch up somehow. (In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit that though I like Agatha just fine, my heart belongs to Klaus Wulfenbach. This may or may not be influenced by my desire for my own personal army of Jaegermonsters.)

And finally, [livejournal.com profile] yhlee pointed out this nifty little personality-via-art quiz. I cannot give its conclusion much credence--no one at work thinks that I "do not like to argue"--but I still found it interesting. Read more... )
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This morning's xkcd comic is very charming. Go look at it here.

As I was studying it, it occurred to me that xkcd takes full advantage of being a webcomic--I never know from one time to the next what shape the comic will occupy, because it doesn't need to be any particular shape. It's electrons on a screen, not ink on paper, and so there are no issues of it 'fitting' into a particular space. I don't think this makes it automatically better than webcomics that use a more traditional layout, just different. And given it's subject matter, nifty.

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Tonight on Climbing the Third Stair: Nancy attempts to make friends with the 'Insert Image' function! And then goes on to post photos of indeterminate quality, featuring her latest crocheted purse! You were warned. )
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As some of you already know, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is working on a tarot deck, which I must have when it is finally published. I first encountered her work when she did some cards for L5R (like this one, and was fascinated by how she handled color and transparency and composition. At one point I found her deviantArt account, which is how I first heard of the tarot deck that she was working on. The one I must have!

Just look at her Page of Swords. Or her Queen of Swords. Also, I am especially admiring of how she dealt with the Death major arcana, which keys into the actual meaning of the card and not its traditional representation.

(One of the odder facets of my life is that while I despise the practice of fortune-telling, I adore symbolism and symbolic systems; collecting tarot decks is thus a guilty pleasure of mine. I can also explain why my suite is that of swords, not cups, in spite of my coloring.)

And now, back to looking at all of the pretties!

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The question of whether roleplaying games qualify as art has arisen on AEG's forum here. I'm posting a link because I think some of my readers might find the discussion interesting.

I have an opinion, of course, but I have refrained from posting. Partly because I fear that as a member of the Story Team I have the illusion of authority, and partly because I lack the time to do it justice.

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I am quite taken with the art [livejournal.com profile] cassandra_e has posted in her journal here. As she notes, her son's explanation of the Flying Cat Squad is what makes it wonderful.


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