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This is a summary of the fourth session (2/16/13) of the Judgement Night game. The music was the soundtrack to DMC3, because I am not subtle.
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This is a summary of the third session (2/12/13) of the Judgement Night game.

For music I had some Judas Priest (Prisoners of Pain CD), a Blue Oyster Cult CD contributed by Gianni's player, and the first season Babylon 5 soundtrack. Looking back, I should have put my CD player on shuffle! Oh well, live and learn.
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So apparently of late I have been so busy I haven't even had time to talk about myself. How terrible is that? Also for some time I have owed [personal profile] lemon_badgeress a review post of the lovely BPAL scents she gifted me with for my birthday. I have worn them both several times since I received them, but my sinuses keep messing with my sense of smell so I'm not sure I'm getting all the notes right. But I do intend on posting about them, because they are both very interesting.

I had Korean food today for lunch! This was a result of the fact that near my credit union there is a small "Chinese" restaurant run by a Korean couple, and so in addition to the run-of-the-mill Chinese food there is also a menu of Korean food. I was out today on a deposit paycheck/buy groceries run, so I decided to treat myself to lunch there.
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This is the summary of the second session (1/29/13) of the Judgement Night game. The music for the evening was the Halo 3 soundtrack, which I have fallen completely in love with, and I was gratifed when Howard's player identified it almost right away.

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This is an account of the first session (1/22/13) of Judgement Night, the rpg campaign I am now running. I suspect it will be very boring to read (it was certainly boring to write!), but I think it will be useful to my players in the long run and, for reasons unclear to me, some of my friends are interested in knowing what is going on in the campaign.

I tried to come up with a clever title for the session, but finally gave up and decided to pick a song title from the CDs I was playing as background music. (Thank you again, Ami, for all of those Hawkwind CDs!)

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This is a document I wrote up for the players in my game, to clarify the nature of what they would be (sometimes) dealing with. I think I've now covered all the important stuff.
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I am posting some of the material I have created for my rpg game, because in mentioning it on FB I had some questions from people who were interested in the system I was using: the Prose Descriptive Qualities System by Atomic Sock Monkey Games. It's a very simple system I have never used before, but in reading through the rules I was enchanted by its simplicity. At some point (probably a large-scale, highly important scene) that simplicity will bite me in the ass, but that's a GMs life for you.

Atomic Sock Monkey offers the basic rules as a free download and more complete settings are available, but sadly none of the published settings looked appropriate for the kind of game I wanted to run. Thus, I have done a lot of writing.

Setting Information

Sample Characters and Fiction

Character Creation Guide

I will update this entry should I post anything else of general relevance to how to work with the PDQ system.
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Specific information for my players, to aid in building their characters. The PDQ system operates by giving characters Qualities, which then grant them all the skills one would normally associate with that Quality. Thus, if I have the Quality of Bakery Manager, I then have skill levels in Baking Cakes, Writing Employee Schedules, etc. For this I specifically wrote out skills for the professions that are peculiar to the setting.

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Examples of two characters generated in the Prose Descriptive Quality RPG System for my game, plus a fiction illustrating them. There are probably easier way of explaining this than by writing a 2000 word fiction, but I guess I decided to stick with what I know.
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This is the introductory information I sent out to my players. Sorry for any formatting weirdness; someday I'll figure out how to force DW to indent paragraphs.
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I have survived another Thanksgiving.

I'm not sure if we were just busier this year or if I am getting old and feel the work more, but I was (well, still am) utterly exhausted from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's work. I let myself sleep in on Thursday (I had no cooking to do for Thanksgiving dinner, more on that in a moment) and still felt blah. I hit the snooze bar about five times this morning, and normally I try never to use it at all--when I finally got to work I semi-joked to my assistant manager that if I hadn't had to pee I'd still be in bed. "I know what you mean," was her reply.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Linda's family, and it was nice. I was asked to bring rolls and then volunteered to bring the pie because, well, bakery. Normally I take pride in taking home-made things, but I figured that I could just buy my pumpkin pie and dinner rolls from work because I *had* made them.

I was able to leave work an hour early today, came home, and immediately crashed down for a nap. I hadn't meant to take a nap: I'd laid down because I had a bad cramp in my right torso, but then I just couldn't stop myself from sliding into sleep. Eventually I roused up enough to drag myself from bed and start the process for getting food in me, but it was slow going.

I am resolutely ignoring Black Friday, which I think has gotten way out of hand.

But I may do some online shopping for me this weekend. Horrible, I know, but Goulets is having a sale on their ink samples, and this would give me the cheapest way ever to try those fancy Pilot inks. Stupid of me to buy them, given the number of samples I already have, but it's been a hard month, I'm trying not to comfort-eat, and ink samples are a cheap luxury. So there: I'll be stupid.

This weekend will be writing and housework. Like most of my weekends, really, except that I need to start getting more dedicated on the housework part. If Judgement Night starts in January as planned, the clock is now ticking on getting my place clean enough for company. And I still need more chairs for the living room. And find shelves for all my books. So many books.
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I finally decided that I wanted to make my game idea a reality and put out a call for players on my FB page today. This is somewhat scary, and part of me insists that it is a bad idea, but I want (need?) the challenge and I like to think I have a fun idea for a game. My target date for starting play is January, so that gives me a little over a month to finish writing up the setting notes, the instructions for generating characters, cleaning the living room, and buying more chairs. Seriously, I have one and a half chairs in my living room now, and if I am going to have people over to game that's nowhere near enough. I finally got my last freelance check this weekend; I should save what I haven't already spent on PBAL perfumes (YULE SCENTS! I CAN HAS YOU!) and go cruising thrift stores.

I have decided that my ancient and atrophied GM skills can handle only 5 players, and it looks like I might have more than that many people interested. But I figure inevitably some people won't be able to play at the time I end up scheduling the game, so hopefully it works out without me having to make painful choices over who to exclude.

Have I mentioned this is scary? But sometimes you just have to jump off that cliff.


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