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So this weekend I went up to South Sioux City for the Kotei tournament Bob Yager was running. This is my second Kotei of the season, as I went to Chicago in February--an occasion I really should get around to journaling, because Mike Colson is an excellent TO and a delightful host and I should leave myself notes to encourage me to go to his parties L5R tournaments more often.

Anyway, my weekend started poorly in the sense that I had picked up my car early Friday afternoon and got about four blocks down the street before getting into a car accident. A car ahead of me pulled into my lane while I was in it and this just never works well. Our cars had only minor damage and the cops gave the other driver the ticket, but it was still a very upsetting thing. (And now I have a police report to fill out and the rental car agency to deal with tomorrow. Oh, joy.)

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I am not feeling healthy, but I am much less sick than I was yesterday at this time. I took my temp a couple of hours ago and it was only slightly above normal. Granted, this was under the influence of aspirin, but still. At this point it seems a likely thing that I will get to the Kotei, but there is no saying how many drugs I will be on. I'll have to time things so that they all run out before the parties on Friday and Saturday night, I guess.
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I woke up this morning with a sore throat and pressure on the right side of my face, so I knew right away today was not going to be good. Those are the classic signs of Nancy getting a sinus attack. This is never a good thing, and it's all the worse now because I'm supposed to go to the Sioux City Kotei this weekend and have fun. I can't get sick now! I've been looking forward to this for months!

I went to work, sat at my desk for a few hours pretending to work, and then gave up and came home. My concentration was shot, which is a sure of sign of me running a fever. I don't know how high it is at the moment, because as soon as I came home I took some aspirin and crawled into bed for nap. In a few hours my second dose will wear off and I'll check it.

Because hope springs eternal I reserved the rental car I need for the trip. Also, started my packing list. If it's only a light attack I should be ok-ish by Friday. I decided to do my biking in spite of being under the weather, because I have a faint memory that exercise is supposed to help your immune system, and since it couldn't hurt, there was no reason not to try it. To my surprise, I lasted the whole half-hour. Perhaps I am getting better at this?

I shall probably stay home and sleep tomorrow. That is also supposed to be good when you are sick. It's annoying though because I'll have to break into my vacation hours to cover it. I wiped out most of my sick time the last time I had a sinus attack. *sigh*
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For those of you who don't know, spring/early summer is the main L5R tournament season, and it's not unusual for L5R tournaments to have some sort of charitable activity going on as a side event. (I don't know if other CCGs do similar things, L5R is the only one I've ever been interested in.)

Last weekend there was a Kotei tournament in Green Bay WI, and they had a food drive for the local food pantry. People playing in the tournament could bring actual food; well-wishers could donate by Paypal. The tournament was well-attended (by L5R standards, at least) and enthusiasm for the food drive ran high. (For any past or present L5R players: the clan who donated the most food got a story mention!)

Today the tournament organizer posted this on AEG's forum:

[quote="Gnome Games"]First - thanks to all the great players. Without you guys events like this would be impossible. The final check delivered to Paul's Pantry was an even $2000. Some guys I know in the bar after the event with the sister that wailed a lot on stage while we enjoyed some wine - donated some and then there were a number of anonymous donations as well. Plus a TRUCKLOAD of food. When I delivered it Monday the lady began to cry - they were literally down to a dozen packages of Mac & Cheese in the pantry.

Refilling a food pantry won't cure all the world's ills, but it means a lot to the people who will be able to eat this week because of such generosity. I am looking forward to seeing what the next food drive nets.


Apr. 26th, 2008 08:04 am
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I never managed to get my new deck built, which makes me sad because Mason had designed a really fun-looking one for me. Maybe I should try to get to another Kotei to play it? Or, I could play at Gencon this year with it. Anyway.

Spent last night hanging out with Bob, Mason, and everyone who had shown up on Friday. Troy Graham showed up and I fangirled him over the t-shirt. Everyone ended up in Bob's suite and much talking and a little drinking ensued. I finally made myself leave and get some sleep around 2 am. Today is going to be very long, and a lot of fun.

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I've been feeling very stressed-out and blue the last few weeks, and that's one of the reasons I haven't been posting a lot. But today I have something to be cheery about: Today a package from AEG was delivered to me here at work, and in it was something I've been waiting for: this year's Kotei T-shirt! *bliss*

Sadly, the shirt doesn't seem to be listed in AEG online store anymore so I can't link to a picture of it. However, it is black with silvery printing and the inked version of the art can be found here at Troy Graham's deviantArt account. And for you Ricepaper folk: That is the Demon Blade, the Black Kabuki, Kashiwa's Bane, Shimekiri. I think you will all agree that any sane person would find him terrifying.

I am wearing the shirt right now, here at work. This is somewhat of a bad idea, as flour + black clothing = disaster waiting to happen, but I'm feeling reckless.
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My spring is going to be interesting and filled with travel.

Towards the end of April I'm going to attend the South Sioux City Kotei. (Kotei=a particular type of big L5R tournament.) It should be a lot of fun--Bob runs a nice Kotei, and Shawn will also be there. Someone else has volunteered to be the scorekeeper at the event (traditionally I've helped Bob run that), so I'll be playing this year. And losing a lot, unless I get some practice in!

I had wanted to go to more Kotei this year, but I don't think I"ll have the funds since I'm now going to Wiscon over Memorial Day weekend so that I can hang out with [livejournal.com profile] yhlee and [livejournal.com profile] helenkeeble. We shall drink tea and eat buttered crabs and giggle madly over exploding possums. I am, obviously, looking forward to it. Before that happens I need to confect a hanbok, which should help advance my resolution to do more sewing this year.


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