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I have survived another Thanksgiving.

I'm not sure if we were just busier this year or if I am getting old and feel the work more, but I was (well, still am) utterly exhausted from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's work. I let myself sleep in on Thursday (I had no cooking to do for Thanksgiving dinner, more on that in a moment) and still felt blah. I hit the snooze bar about five times this morning, and normally I try never to use it at all--when I finally got to work I semi-joked to my assistant manager that if I hadn't had to pee I'd still be in bed. "I know what you mean," was her reply.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Linda's family, and it was nice. I was asked to bring rolls and then volunteered to bring the pie because, well, bakery. Normally I take pride in taking home-made things, but I figured that I could just buy my pumpkin pie and dinner rolls from work because I *had* made them.

I was able to leave work an hour early today, came home, and immediately crashed down for a nap. I hadn't meant to take a nap: I'd laid down because I had a bad cramp in my right torso, but then I just couldn't stop myself from sliding into sleep. Eventually I roused up enough to drag myself from bed and start the process for getting food in me, but it was slow going.

I am resolutely ignoring Black Friday, which I think has gotten way out of hand.

But I may do some online shopping for me this weekend. Horrible, I know, but Goulets is having a sale on their ink samples, and this would give me the cheapest way ever to try those fancy Pilot inks. Stupid of me to buy them, given the number of samples I already have, but it's been a hard month, I'm trying not to comfort-eat, and ink samples are a cheap luxury. So there: I'll be stupid.

This weekend will be writing and housework. Like most of my weekends, really, except that I need to start getting more dedicated on the housework part. If Judgement Night starts in January as planned, the clock is now ticking on getting my place clean enough for company. And I still need more chairs for the living room. And find shelves for all my books. So many books.
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This was a stressful, strenuous week at work, mostly because I had an employee quit without notice early on. This happened to be one of the rare cases in which I sympathized with the necessity that led them to that decision, but it still left me with a lot of slack to take up. I don't think I was as successful as I could want, but what is done is done. Now I have the work of finding a new employee on top of all the other things I need to get done, which has resulted in my canceling my semi-plans to go to the Chicago Kotei. (The Evansville TO has already suggested I go to his instead.)

There is a serious snowstorm heading my way. It rained early this morning and has stayed cloudy all day, and tonight it will start snowing. Accumulation predictions have been varying wildly, but I'm expecting at least 5". In preparation for being snowed in I bought a bunch of rose-scented cleaning supplies--I know I have to do a lot of housework this weekend, so why not make it as pleasant as possible? I should make a list of all the things I need to do: this will be depressing, but experience shows that I get more things done when I have some kind of plan in place.
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Last night I found myself thinking how nice it would be to come home from a stressful day of work to someone who would smile at me when I walked into the room and enfold me in a hug when he heard I had had a bad day. This was not a good a good line of thought because it is never going to happen and it just makes it worse to think about it.

I bought myself another amaryllis bulb today as part of my growing campaign to have flowers in my apartment all winter. I got my first amaryllis a week before Thanksgiving and some paperwhites last week, so with the new one it looks like late-December/early-January will be nicely floral. I also have the two amaryllis bulbs from last year that I hope to bring out of dormancy later this winter. I have gotten amaryllis bulbs to rebloom in the past, but I haven't tried it for a decade or so--I hope I haven't lost my touch.

Right now I have the lemon and limes trees, which are going to bloom any day now. I also have the poinsettia I got on Thanksgiving Day. I normally try to hold off displaying Christmas things until at least Gaudete Sunday, but Thanksgiving was such a warm day and poinsettias really hate the cold and I didn't see the point of making a poor dumb Euphorbia suffer for my scruples. So I bought one and brought it home. It is red, of course, because in most things I am a raving traditionalist and poinsettias are one of those things. (Even if I have lusted for those highly-artificial blue ones.)

I'm very excited by my fuschia in the bedroom, which has quite a few blossoms on it. I got it on a clearance rack several summers ago and never quite gave it the care it needed to thrive, but last year by happenstance I discovered it really liked the west window of my bedroom. Which was kind of inconvenient, because the table there wasn't very large and was already trying to accommodate a lamb, clock radio, an incense burner, and an african violet. However, this fall I acquired the hardware I needed to hang it from the hook in the ceiling there (left by a previous tenant) and now I have all the best of all worlds. Not only will it grow and prosper, I will be able to lay in bed and look up at live flowers. Doesn't that sound nice?

I'm thinking of buying some more flowering plants for right now, but I should really hold off until I get all my summer geraniums replanted. They do well in cool temperatures and lots of winter sunlight, so I should get them to bloom quickly once I get them repotted and into the sun porch. But then, there's a lot of things I need to get into (and out of) the sun porch. We'll see.
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My landlord got over today and looked at my fridge. He said the freezer was fine (which I knew) and the compressor seemed to be working fine so that the problem seems to be in getting the cold air into the fridge part. For investigating that he's going to need to shut it down, which means emptying all the stuff out of the freezer. Also, he can't get back to the project until next Monday. This would at first seem Really Bad, as it leaves me without a fridge for the next few days, but happily there is a work-around. The apartment downstairs is empty this week so I am going to use its refrigerator.

Having my refrigerated food downstairs might seem like an inconvenience, but I already go up and down stairs so many times in a day I don't think I'll notice it much. Instead I've chosen to regard this as a golden opportunity to take care of all the dill seeds that scattered around the bottom of my fridge that one time a pickle jar shattered.

My domestic woes were softened by my first bean harvest of the season. Last year I got no beans at all, so this was doubly nice. I had my second dinner with beans tonight, with enough left over to go with lunch tomorrow. Thus far I have been picking from my bush beans. My Kentucky Wonder poles have been been blooming heavily this week, so assuming the heat didn't freak them out too much (a sizable if, I admit) I should have beans next week from them. I've never grown pole beans before, so I am looking forward to seeing if they are as tasty as claimed.
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I came home today to find a message from Animal Control: the bat tested negative for rabies. This was, I admit, the expect answer but it was still really nice to have it confirmed. This means I can now devote myself to my fridge crisis.

Over the weekend I was struck how the things I was getting out of the fridge didn't seem cold enough. On the other hand, it is hard to judge temperatures by touch, especially when the world outside the fridge is really, really hot. This afternoon on the way home from work I bought a fridge thermometer and put it in to check. After a half hour I checked it and it read about 60 degrees. This was, as they say, not good.

My first action was to do an emergency clean-out of my freezer, in case I had stuff blocking the vents that was making it run less efficiently. I'll let it run for a few hours and recheck to see if that has solved it. If not I will have to call the landlord, which I guess works since I was planning on calling him anyway over the bat. I will also have to pitch anything in the fridge that is spoilable, which is never happy. On the good side most of the stuff in there are things like produce and condiments that can tolerate warmer temps without becoming a hazard. Still, I'm now hoping the tea eggs I ate for lunch didn't have time to go bad.
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I'm cranky this evening. A huge snowstorm (by which I mean, "is expected to affect 30 out of the 50 US states, plus parts of Canada") is beginning a slow roll through the Great Plains states tonight, which means when I get off work Tuesday and try to go deposit my check I will be hanging out on bus stops with snow, blowing snow, and high winds. Lovely, just lovely. Also, I am in that week out of the month in which my body cannot eat enough fat, salt, and sugar, and since I have a sinus headache that won't quit (thanks, I suspect, to the previously mentioned storm) I don't feel like hopping on my exercise bike and outracing my cravings. Crank, crank, crank.

On the bright side, I had a fairly pleasant weekend. On Saturday morning I made a visit to my favorite thrift store (St Theresa's, for you curious Lincoln folks) and found a lamp for my living room. In my slow, steady campaign to turn it into a space I can actually entertain company in I had determined that I really needed more light, and once I got my new purchase home and plugged it in I saw how right I was. The place is downright cheery at night now!

While I was there I also picked up a new coat, a new denim skirt (my old one is getting too big to wear: it's starting to slip down around my hips), Aristotle's Politics, and The Modern Family Cookbook, copyright date 1961. I love reading old cookbooks, and seeing what has and has not changed during the years. Aristotle will, like most light-weight paperbacks, probably go into the bathroom for reading in the bathtub.

The rest of Saturday was taken up in laundry and reading; I finished the Sayers book on Dante. I think I might try to read it again before I have to take it back--it had some insights into the structure of the poem I had previously missed. I'm also now interested in tracking down her translation both so as to see how she handles the text differently from Ciardi and also to read her footnotes.

Tonight I need to cook something or I won't have anything to pack for lunches this week. Also, I'd like to get a little more embroidery done; I did a little when I first came home and was waiting for the aspirin to kick in but I am wondering if I could finish the outlining of the bird tonight. He's about halfish done now, but I suspect the tail feathers are going to vex me.
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I did further work on the living room this afternoon, and while it is not fit to be seen in public yet you can see the outlines of what its going to look like when I'm done. One thing I've decided is that I just have to get another lamp; the two I have can somewhat light the area I am trying to use for sewing, reading, etc but if I ever have company they will be sitting in the dim. After work tomorrow I think I'll stop at the local thrift store and see if they have anything I like.

Since I now had a nice place to sit, I did embroidery for a hour or two this afternoon. I need to brush up on my stitches, but rather than do a sampler I picked out a transfer I liked and put it on the back of a white cotton twill shirt, so that I can embroider it. I picked out some thread colors I liked and started in. My reasoning in this is that were I to do a sampler I'd never finish, because what am I going to do with a sampler? But if I do something on a shirt in current rotation I have incentive to finish it quickly, and to do a good job.

So far all I've used is stem stitch, which is easier than I remember it. I am helped along by the fact I have a lot of fine motor skill in my left hand, so I can keep one hand below the hoop and one above and just keep passing the needle between them. I will be interesting to see if I can manage this trick on something more complicated, like say chain stitch.

I worked a little on my shrug, but didn't quite get it fully sewed up. I had to keep stopping and trying it on to see if I had sewed enough, and it got boring after a bit. I should finish tomorrow, though, but it appears to be very warm and cozy.
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Friday morning my landline at home failed, which means I have no internet. This is annoying for a number of reasons, not the least of which is I have a policy of protecting important files by uploading them and emailing them to myself. Also, I can't check the weather anymore. How can I get dressed if I don't know what the weather is like?

The phone company computer I talked to on Friday claims that they will have whatever it is fixed by Monday afternoon. I can only hope.
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My friends Karin and Ami were expected in town yesterday, for a holiday visit to Karin's family. I spent the day cleaning, in honor of the occasion--I knew I could not get my entire apartment ship-shape (still unpacking boxes, you know) but I wanted to get the living room, at least, in a state that could receive visitors.

I got all but two boxes of books put away, rearranged some small tables and brought an extra chair in to all three of us would have a place to sit. I vacuumed the living room and hallway, and then, because my love for my friends is without limit, vacuumed the steps as well.

Then I started hanging artwork. This made me smile a lot, because all of the pieces I hung in my living room were made for me. I have two cross-stitch pictures that my mom did, two paintings by [livejournal.com profile] yhlee, two line art pictures by Koshindou, two paintings from my friend Deslie, and an embroidered picture by Karin. I never had room in my old place to put them all up, so it really makes me happy now to have them all displayed.

The final stage was to locate my box of Christmas decorations. I have a tree this year, and space to put it up, so I am determined to decorate! Most of this will just be putting up the tree and garnishing it, but I do have a few other things. I have a really nice candle ring with (fake) evergreen branches, red blossoms, etc, with a red pillar candle in the middle for one of the living room tables, and a second one with cardinals (the bird, not the baseball team or clerical prince) and holly berries for the shelf over the door to my apartment. Also, I have some tacky yet charming gold star garland that I've draped the stairwell railing with. I'm still debating the window clings, but if I put the one of the candle in the living room window I'd have a candle in the window for my friends with zero fire risk. I must ponder this further.

Today's big things will be to finish cleaning the bathroom and to put up the tree. If possible I hope to see Karin and Ami, but I think her family has first dibs (and that is the way it should be). Maybe I'll save the tree for when they come over, and we can have a tree-trimming party. I could get some soy nog and rum and we could make popcorn. I'll see what the day brings.
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From time to time I get curious about what time sunrise and sunset will be occurring, and one of the glories of the internet is that it makes finding this out very easy. I used to use the solar calculator here, but today I found the much niftier one here at the Earth Science Research Lab. The new one is more fun because instead of putting in the coordinates of the place you want the sunrise/sunset times for into little boxes, you drag a little pin around a map of the earth. Also, you can tell it to remember where you put the pin, so you can go back to it later and not have to start over at the beginning. I put the map on Lincoln using a map view that showed eastern Nebraska, and then after cranking up the magnification discovered that I had placed it about four blocks from my apartment. How fun is that? Sunrise calculated not just for my city, but for my zip code. *swoon*

This weekend is the one-year anniversary of my move to my new apartment. It's not exact to the day, but I started to move the day after Thanksgiving last year, so it's good enough. I have decided this means I really need to finish unpacking. (I am so very bad at moving!) To be fair, I'm almost done with getting things out of boxes, it's finding them permanent homes that is the problem. The biggest issue is books, I have more books than bookshelves. I think that one is ultimately solvable--I have an office now, which means I have a place to write and store books--but getting it done when I could be writing or cooking or crocheting or etc is the problem.

I have a bit of incentive now, because I have decided to decorate my place for Christmas. In token of this, I bought myself a poinsettia this week. I may buy myself more, because I love poinsettias and they, like peppermint stick ice cream, are only available one month out of the year. I'd like an amaryllis as well, but that will depend on how my disposable income goes this month. But they are available all winter, so that is not such a problem.

My most recent story has been getting a lot of reaction, a lot of it bad, and it has bugged me more than usual. After finally getting a full night of sleep, I've decided that this was mostly because my day job was really stressful this week and that was hyping all my responses. But I remain irked by the notion that the story was a 'missed moment of awesome'. First off all, the concept smells like something from TVTropes, a website I have rapidly come to loathe. Second, I didn't miss a moment of awesome because I wasn't aiming for it. I do not write awesome. You want awesome, you need to stop reading when you hit my name in the credit line because you will only be disappointed. I've been on the story team for like three years now; shouldn't that be clear to everyone by now?

The sun has risen, my tea is finished: Time for laundry!
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Today did not begin well.

Normally I do not dream. That is to say, that while I almost certainly dream every night (that being the nature of the human mind) I very rarely remember my dreams and that is exactly how I like it.

Last night I had a dream that started with cocaine and zombies and ended with GIGANTIC SEA MONSTERS and an air craft carrier. Somewhere in between I had a gun and a fiance. Now what I am saying is, how could anyone actually get rest with all of that racket going on? I have coworkers who have elaborate bed-time rituals designed to help them have dreams and remember them and I think they are crazy. Cocaine and zombies is not how you get a peaceful night of slumber!

In tenuously related news, I now have a bedspread. I've wanted one since I moved into my new apartment but hadn't gotten one because they are a lot of money and I hadn't found one I liked enough to spring for. Well, Sunday I was in the local Goodwill to see if they had any good plant pots and I noticed that they had their bedding on sale. I strolled over to look and almost immediately found a bedspread in blue and ivory with roses. Blue roses Combining my favorite color with my favorite flower raises the whole thing to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups levels of awesomeness, so I checked the tag to see what size it was and--It was the right size for my bed! Modified rapture!

There were also two decorative pillow shams in the same pattern which I grabbed on principle. I don't have any decorative pillows in that size, but I might get some someday and I had no way of knowing if I would ever see this pattern again.

So now I have a bed graced with a lovely bedspread. Now if only I could get some lovely zzzzzs in it!
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Because [livejournal.com profile] ironhand asked: Yes, we did get snow Friday night/Saturday morning. I awoke somewhat after 7 am to find the heavens in the snow equivalent of a slow drizzle, and as a result spent the next few hours hanging around my living room in my night clothes, drinking tea and goofing off. (No, I cannot explain the connection there. Either it makes sense to your or it doesn't.)

It stopped snowing late morning and by late afternoon most of the clouds had cleared off. Around 90% of the snow vanished in the resulting sunshine. For those of you not familiar with Great Plains weather, this is pretty typical of late fall/early winter weather.

The snow and its allied cold did in my tomatoes and nasturtiums, as well as the volunteer morning glories. The kohlrabi that escaped my notice this past spring is continuing on as if nothing happened, as have my dianthus, the sweet alyssum, lemon balm, sunflowers, chives, and golden marjoram. The marjoram is surprise: I had always thought of it as a tender perennial, but clearly it is somewhat tougher than I expected. If it can hold on a few days longer I might lift it and take it inside.

I dug up the three bell pepper plants, took them inside and potted them up. I pruned them all to varying degrees, since their roots had all taken a beating and I was worried that they might not be able to supply water to all of their leaves. At present the one I pruned the hardest is looking the best, for all that it is now a stick with a few tufts of leaves. The other two were still somewhat droopy yesterday; if they don't look better tomorrow I'll give them another round of pruning. At this point it will be weeks before I get any peppers off of them, but at least I'll have them raring to to next spring. Besides, plants make a place more livable and nightshades are prettier than scheffelaras.
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I spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning and organizing my kitchen. Sadly, no one but I would know this by looking because the place is still highly disordered from my move. Yes, I moved last December. No, I do not move well. (I would also like to note in my defense I moved after living over 15 years in one place. That's some serious inertia there.)

I am taking advantage of the trauma by going through my belongings as I unpack/sort/find a place for them and am putting aside the things I really don't need, so as to give them away. That's the upside of leaving your worldly possessions in a box for 6 months, it really brings into focus what you do and do not need in your life. Still, it's amazing how hard it is to give away that small plastic thermos, even if I almost never need one and when I do I have the lovely all-steel one my dad used to take to work when I was a child. Years ago I read an essay on the Lord of the Rings in which the point was made about how easy it is to go from possessing things to being possessed by them; experiences like this really drive that home.

So far today's big project has been prepping a 5# bag of carrots for drying. Earlier this summer I spent some of my mad money on a small food dehydrator, and with my life settling down post-Gencon I've been playing around with it. Mostly I've been drying tomatoes from my garden, though I have dried a bag of grapes (netting myself a cup of golden raisins) and a handful of bananas that all ripened before I was ready to do anything with. Last week the grocery store next door had large bags of carrots as a loss leader for their anniversary sale, so I grabbed some. It took me about an hour to clean, cut, blanch and tray up all the carrots, but after they dry I won't have to worry about not having any carrots around if I want to make a stew or something. And they'll already be sliced!

Next big project will be rearranging my sunroom and getting it ready to hold plants again. I moved all my plants out of it before I started traveling, thus giving my plant sitters an easier time finding everything that needed to be watered. Now I want to move them all back, and also start some vegetable seedlings. I've gotten fond of the taste of home-grown vegetables, so I am wondering how much I can grow over the winter indoors. I have lots of left-over seeds from this spring, so I have little to lose by experimenting.
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I had a good weekend, but then any weekend that starts with keilbasa and gooseberry pie for breakfast is going to have something going for it. I don't normally have pie for breakfast (no, really) but I had a whole pie to eat and I had decided to be methodical about it eating it before it went bad. I'd ordered the pie from the deli's supplier on a whim; I had never had gooseberry pie and I was very curious as to what it tasted like and if it was good. I ramble like a rose. )
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Today's completely random note: Reading posts that trash Ree Soesbee's writing gives me a weird mixture of emotions, because I always automatically think, "That's what they will be saying about me three years after I leave the story team." Part of me is depressed by it, and a larger part revels in the knowledge that the future holds no surprises for me. And part of me thinks I'm vain for even thinking of it.

Monday was a day off for me, and so I celebrated Labor Day by clearing out the massive backlog of laundry caused by my writing marathon. I also did lots and lots of dishes. I had wanted to get some work done in my garden, but as things turned out I was too obsessed with trying to get my kitchen clean to do anything else. I now have all the kitchen boxes from my move unpacked, and am slowly getting stuff organized.

My pantry cupboards are still a disaster--I think my only solution is to eat everything and then start with a clean slate. I'm not sure how I'll cope with the pain of being forced to eat nori rolls, but somehow I'll find the strength. :-)

Last night I made bread. For the longest time I've had horrible results for my home-made bread, and I could not figure out why because my bread at work is fabulous. As I was mixing up yesterday's loaf I had a glorious idea: Why not ignore the recipe and pay attention to the dough? If it's acting like it is too dry, add water. The results were amazing. And tasty. Now I'm left with the mystery of why the majority of my bread books have recipes that are so out of whack. Is my flour really that much drier?

I'm considering getting a subscription for the Consumer Reports website, as I am planning on some small appliance purchases in the next year. (You know, toasters, sewing machines, etc.) With the website I could search when I needed the info and there would be no monthly magazine to clutter my apartment.

Also: having acquired some discretionary income, I'm thinking of getting myself a few dwarf citrus trees. I love houseplants, citrus trees smell divine when they are in bloom and you get fruit from them. What's not to love?
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I turned my air conditioning on today. It feels odd to type that--for the years I spent in my old apartment, I didn't have any. This was by choice--it came with a window unit, but I took it out wen I moved in (which was in November) and never bothered to put it back in again. I was on the first floor, and there was a very large tree to the south shading me, so I decided not to bother. There were some very hot days each summer, but I did all right.

My new apartment is on the top floor, with no trees tall enough to shade it. (There are three apple trees in the front yard, and I look down on them from my living room window.) When I came home this afternoon the temperature was 91 F (33C) and the heat index was 104 F (40 C) and the first thing I did was turn on the air. I shudder to think of what this is going to do to my electric bill, but tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter and I wanted to get things cooled down overnight.

My garden is in need of weeding, staking, and other important tasks. But between the rain (we got a brief thunderstorm this morning that dropped over half an inch of rain on us in about 30 minutes) and the heat I had no interest in it today.

I did go out and harvest some snap peas for my dinner, which I devoured raw. This shows how very, very predictable I am, because as a child I would wander out to the garden in the back yard, pick all the ripe peas and eat them raw right there. I talked to Mom about this a few years ago and she said that no pea ever made it into the house to be cooked. I suppose I could feel guilty, but--isn't it a good thing when a child likes vegetables?

Despite the heat, if I can get two days running when it doesn't rain I need to go tie up the tomatoes. They are starting to get nice big fruits on them, and I don't want to lose any.
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Last week was very, very tiring and yesterday when I got up I faced the problem of knowing that I needed to get *something* done but not feeling like doing much of anything. During the course of my morning pot of tea I decided to finally make friends with my washing machine because that would on the one hand advance the cause of clean clothes and on the other make it completely impossible for me to wash dishes. Win! Read more... )
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I wonder: Why do my Februarys get so busy?

If you happen to be one of the oh, three people on earth who has been wondering why I haven't been updating, first I was writingwritingwriting. And then I was recovering from writingwritingwriting--I seem to have a limit of how much I can write in a given period of time, and if I go beyond that I quickly become exhausted. (I wonder, is this set for all time, or can I train to increase this amount?) Now I am trying to clear off the backlog of things that piled up while I was writing and then recovering.

The top of that list is "Finish Unpacking From Move". This is because A) I'm tired of tripping over boxes of books and B) Karin and Ami are coming in to town this week, and I'd like to be able to entertain them in a clean apartment. I hope I get the chance to cook a few meals for them; they always cook such wonderful stuff for me when I visit. Over the years they've gifted me with a number of really nice cookbooks, and when I get the chance I like to fix recipes from those books for our meals together. Nothing says "thank you for this cookbook" like that!

Yesterday I had originally planned to unpack/clean but instead I was able to borrow a car and run some of the errands that had piled up. In the course of that I hit several thrift stores looking for house-linens. I think thrift stores are perfect for things like that because while I have a need for curtains and such I can't make myself care enough about them to get expensive ones. As it was, I found a nice set of loose-woven blue-and-white curtains that were perfect for what I needed. For $1. SCORE! Intoxicated by my success, I decided to drop 75 cents on a bed skirt--I'd never had a bed skirt before and the concept was intriguing. I put it on the bed last night when I was changing the sheets and it did look kind of cute. Maybe I should consider getting a bedspread next.


Jan. 10th, 2009 08:55 am
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I am giving up on my plan to have a housewarming party for my new apartment. When I had first planned my move I decided I would have a birthday/housewarming party at the end of December, and when that didn't work I decided that I would have one in January instead. Looking at what my work schedule has become for January I realize that I won't be having time to finish my unpacking, much less organize a party. So.

For about 30 seconds I contemplated having one in February, but--February is never a good month for me. February hates me, and I'm more than willing to reciprocate. And really, the last time I decided I wanted to throw a party in my honor my 40th birthday was coming up. The day I started planning it my mom went to the hospital with what was diagnosed as breast cancer. The universe does not allow for me to have a social life; I need to give up now on the housewarming before something worse happens.
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On Friday I went down with another round of sinus issues--I'm not sure what it was, but I felt horrible and was running a modest fever. I stayed home from work which was decidedly unpleasant because that was a store inventory day. *sigh*

However! Sunday I felt well enough to tackle the problem of My Office. The problem was, it was just a room with so many boxes of stuff (mostly books) that it was difficult to walk from one end to the other. After a couple of hours of work, I now have a functioning office space. 'Functioning' in this context means that I have a card table and chair to serve as a desk and I have put up some bookshelves and begun filling them with books (including all of my L5R books). There are still boxes of books strewn about the room, but some of them contain books I want to put in the living room if I can manage it, so it will be a bit before anything gets done with them.

Eventually I'd like to get a real desk, but in the meantime I'm set up for writing. Which is good, because I have a LOT of writing to do this month. L5R projects, catching up on correspondence, some side projects of my own...sometimes I question my sanity. But 'be able to write more' was one of my justifications for getting this apartment, so now is the time to show that is was worth it.

Oh, and I'd like to say something about my card table. It's not what you are thinking of: a cheap rickety metal thing. It's solidly built wood with a nice cherry-like finish--the lux version of a folding card table. It was passed down from my grandmother via my mom. Grandma had been a dedicated bridge player, and I think this was the table she used to set up in her living room when she hosted bridge parties. I guess you could say that gaming runs in my family! When I think of it that way, I kinda want to keep the table as my desk.


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