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Sometime last week I undid a connection I had formed years ago. I had distanced myself a couple of months ago, when it was clear to me that the dividing issue wasn't going to go away, and then sometime last week it occurred to me that there was no reason not to take matters to their logical conclusion. After a few days of hemming and hawing I couldn't think of a reason not to--except the one that I might want to crawl back some day, which is unacceptable. The severing doesn't hurt, except for the knowledge that even six months ago such a thing was unimaginable.

Last week I got to see the layout of something I had written for an upcoming L5R rpg project. It was quite lovely! I won't say it made all the trouble I went through to get it done worthwhile, but it was a big step in that direction. Am now even more eager to see the whole thing published.

Sunday I went out to work in my garden; something that I'd been putting off for far too long. The whole garden is too large a project to tackle in an afternoon (or even a whole day), so I decided to start cleaning and planting at the south end and work my way north. After about 3 hours of work (which included stopping to dig a miniature rose thorn out of my finger and clean and bandage the wound) I had planted 2 kinds of radishes, 2 kinds of edible-podded peas, tatsoi, kale, mustard, arugula, lettuce, carrots, and swiss chard. I still have about three quarters of my garden left to plant, but staggering the planting will give me a more managable harvest. And more time to wrestle with the question of whether to grow potatoes or not. I've never done it before, and there is something intimidating about them.

Sunday was an idea day to plant because the weather was really pleasant and there was a near-certainty of rain on Monday. The National Weather Service did not fail me: it rained on Monday, it's raining now, and it might rain two more days this week. I'm not a huge fan of rain, except when it comes to my garden. I won't be able to do any digging until we have a few days of sun and the ground dries up: I should really use the time to pot my tomato seedlings into larger quarters. It will be a while before I can put them out in the ground, and I don't want my darlings to get rootbound.
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Tonight I was seriously bored and unwilling to do any of the worthwhile things that need to be done in my apartment so I decided to see the An Archive of Our Own site had any fanfic that wasn't shipping/romance/porn/mushy stuff. Looking through the fandom listing I discovered that it has L5R fanfic!* AND--one of them (Sushi-- is about a Crab draw-lot play!

I enjoyed inventing that little bit of Rokugan and the idea that a sidebar of an RPG suppliment chapter has inspired someone to write fanfic makes me happy right down to my toes. Because, you know, my first L5R fanfic was inspired by a sidebar in an RPG suppliment. :-D

*It doesn't have much; I think I could triple the story count just by posting my stuff.
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The question of whether roleplaying games qualify as art has arisen on AEG's forum here. I'm posting a link because I think some of my readers might find the discussion interesting.

I have an opinion, of course, but I have refrained from posting. Partly because I fear that as a member of the Story Team I have the illusion of authority, and partly because I lack the time to do it justice.

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Today's weather was clear and sunny so I got up early this morning, took a shower, had breakfast and caught the 7:30 am bus downtown to check out the farmer's market. Very few people had radishes (still a little early) but one vendor had morel mushrooms and I managed to score the penultimate bag on the table. When I finish with this I'm going to put them to soak in salt water (the best method, I'm told, of getting rid of any insects who have taken up residence) and cook them up for dinner tonight. I picked up 2 small bunches of radishes and some green onions and called it good--morels aren't cheap, after all.

I did a little bit of writing while waiting for the bus back home, got home, did some emailing and then laid down and took a long nap. The nap was not planned and was probably a mistake because I woke up after 1 pm feeling groggy and disconnected with reality. I hate it when that happens. I fixed some lunch and ate it, and that helped somewhat but I'm still feeling listless. I need to do some grocery shopping (and stop by the hardware store to get a saw), so maybe that will perk me up.

Something has to, because I have tons of stuff that need to be done today and tomorrow. Aside from my nemesis, Housework, I have several writing deadlines looming. Also, I need to come up with a character background for my character in the Firefly game my tabletop group is in. My character is doomed to be lame because I have no background in that universe; I have watched a grand total of one Firefly episode and that was the night we were working up characters.

Meanwhile I've gotten invited into a play-by-forum game a friend is running and I need to come up with a character for that. I'd kind of like to play a Kakita duelist (as I'm kinda running a Daidoji bushi in the Oni Mura game), but opinions seem to be sharply divided on whether or not the Kakita school is any good or not. If it really isn't then I don't want to bother--I've spent too much of my real life feeling incompetent at what I'm doing to want it in an RPG experience.

In rereading this I've discovered that I'm apparently both listless AND gloomy. I need to go do my errands, and then see if hacking the trees out of my mint bed will improve my disposition.

New shiny!

Mar. 21st, 2007 05:24 pm
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Yesterday I asked my friend Brent for an icon for the Oni Mura Game, and you can read his complaints about it here in his shiny new lj here: [livejournal.com profile] koshindou. ;-)

Nevertheless he's come through for me, and now I have Fuji in all her spiky-haired glory. Now I have to rush over the the Jade Hand forum and change my avatar there.
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I like to play rpgs, I've been in several groups that played the L5R rpg, and I am a total Daidoji fangirl. In spite of this, I have never really had the chance to play a Daidoji character. If I believed in them I'd say I was cursed, because the campaigns I've been in where I tried to play a Daidoji never really got off the ground and the campaigns where I've played other things (legendary Crab samurai-ko, dainty Doji courtiers) lasted a long time.

Enter the Oni Mura game, a play-by-forum rpg being run by Kakita Himoto. I decided to sign up yesterday to celebrate the end of a writing project (and cheer myself up over day 84 of captivity), and decided to run a Daidoji who isn't. I'm hoping this enough to help Himoto's game to dodge my curse.


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