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I saw Rogue One for the first time last week while visiting my friends K and A; I went and saw it again today. As a movie I like it a lot, though it is by no means flawless. I rarely do reviews, so I'm just going to give an assortment of points in place of an organized essay. Putting in a cut because SPOILERS.

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Examples of two characters generated in the Prose Descriptive Quality RPG System for my game, plus a fiction illustrating them. There are probably easier way of explaining this than by writing a 2000 word fiction, but I guess I decided to stick with what I know.
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I probably sound slightly obsessed at this point (and that would be fair), but there are contributing factors to my DMC marathon. The biggest is that as I was training a new night baker last week my sleep cycle has been completely out of whack which cascades down into a brain that has trouble focusing on serious things. So I basically gave up, collected the cut scenes from all four Devil May Cry games, and watched them all. I ramble like a rose. )

There is a reboot of the DMC series in the works titled DmC:Devil May Cry, and I am already suspecting it may not interest me. I'm trying not to make snap judgments here, but I read on the internet (ha!) that in DmC:DMC Dante isn't half-human/half-demon, he's half-angel/half-demon and for me this guts the most interesting question the DMC stories raise: What makes us human? Dante inherited the strength and fighting prowess of his demon father, but more significantly he inherited Sparda's belief that the human ability to love others is an important thing. A story that doesn't involve that concept doesn't strike me as DMCish, and one that suggests that love is something only for angels repels.
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Last month I bought a flashfic from Yoon Ha Lee, to be written to a prompt I supplied. My prompt was 'bittersweet', and now I have the story: The School of the Empty Book. Go read it; it's 500 words of dreamlike beauty!
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So, I've had my mom living with me for just over a month now. I vary between being ok with this and being so frustrated I want to throw something. Yesterday was fairly serene, though. She seemed to be reaching the end of the military history parts of my personal library (I am both amused and weirded out that she went for that first), so I dug out my copy of The Phoenix Guard and convinced her to try it. She's gotten to chapter 11 and seems to enjoy it.

It has gotten very, very cold here, and so last night before she went to bed Mom took one of the blankets off of the bed and insisted that I use it, since I'm sleeping on the floor. This meant that while temp-wise it was the coldest night so far, I was the warmest I've been in several weeks. I enjoyed it, but I'll have to make sure that she wasn't too cold. I'm glad that I had the sense to insist that we grab some of her blankets from the house when I picked her up, otherwise I'd never have enough for us both.

I considered taking the bus this morning, but decided I'd rather deal with having to warm up the car than stand in the wind waiting for the bus. I am, of course, making the hopeful assumption that my car will start up.

This morning NPR's national new broadcast talked about Beckett, an old movie about Thomas Beckett and King Henry that has been re-released for the theaters. I'm not a big movie fan but this is an interesting story so I'm hoping that it gets to Lincoln.

This last temptation, the greatest treason:
to do the right thing, but for the wrong reason


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