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Dragged myself out of bed sometime before 8 and after breakfast and two pots of tea (my normal intake is one) I got myself to work. Having to work that overnight on Monday really messed me up, and tomorrow I need to be at work at the regular time, alas.

My original plan was to be starting to write LwtL this week; so far that has not happened. I can't write when my sleep patterns are messed up; the brain won't focus. On the one hand this irritates me; I can't demonstrate how horrible a writer I am if I can't write. On the hand it is a relief that I can put off being reminded what a horrible writer I am.

The weather turned cold again so I haven't gotten any more work done in the garden. I really, really need to get my pepper and main-season tomatoes started this week; they need to be ready to go in the ground at the end of May.

I, ah, may have bought another fountain pen. I got it with an italic nib, so I can at least say that it fills a hole in my collection. Also it was shiny and I'd worked the night shift and this is why I don't store my credit card info on the Goulet site because otherwise this would be a far more frequent happening. As it is, I need to swear off new pens for the foreseeable future because I need to save money for a new computer.
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