Dec. 8th, 2007


Dec. 8th, 2007 03:33 pm
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I just spent a large part of today seeking and getting medical care for an infected finger. Arggg! After all of the medical issues I've had this year I had hoped to get through the rest of the year with no problems. But no, I get--a finger infection?

Neither the doctor nor I can quite figure out how I got the infection, though he points out that in this weather and with the amount of hand-washing I do it would be easy for my skin to develop small cracks. (And, in fact, it takes constant vigilance for me to not to do so.) So now I am on an antibiotic again. I have had more antibiotics this year than in the past ten. Maybe the past 20.

However, let it not be said that the day has been completely bad. As is standard they took my blood pressure reading, and it was down from the last time I was there. I am very pleased, because when I first started going there my blood pressure was really high--part of it, I think, was just that I was very stressed but part of it was that I had been neglecting my healthy-lifestyle efforts. I've been trying hard this summer and fall to restart and maintain good habits, so this was very encouraging.


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